The Kingdom of Bahrain is a beautiful archipelago that can be defined as a confetti of cultures, blending history with modernity.

To this day, it continues to cling on to the greatness of its strong historical past and looks forward to its bright booming future.

This small nation has it all, whether its an open economy run by its fiery youth, or a prosperous tourism and retail sector that draws in foreign investment.

While the entirety of the GCC has been able to prove its worth when it comes to market scenes, Bahrain is always a little bit ahead.

Here’s why:

1. Economy


Bahrain has reached the twelfth largest in the world in terms of the level of economic openness, according to the ‘Heritage Foundation’ and the Index of Economic Freedom for 2013 issued by Wall Street magazine.

The government’s ‘Economic Vision 2030’ continues to push the country forward in terms of laws and regulations relating to the business world.

This allows the Kingdom of Bahrain to continuously thrive in non-oil sectors and to draw in foreign investment.

Private investment in Bahrain is open even to non-locals, which presents a prime opportunity for anyone willing to take part in the country’s growing success.

2. Tourism


With its lenient and fluid business environment, Bahrain has been attracting more and more tourists to discover its natural wonders.

Dubbed the Pearl of Arabia, Bahrain has a lot to offer adventure-seeking souls.

From its luxurious waterfront hotels and resorts to its thrilling historical monuments.

Tourists from across the globe have been flocking to Bahrain for years to immerse in the ancient civilisation of Dilmun.

Islamic architecture in the form of grand mosques and Islamic centres draws in academics and art enthusiasts.

Tourism in the GCC’s smallest country doesn’t end there.

Bahrain is home to countless modern and international restaurants, cafes, shopping destinations, and amusement parks.

3. Retail


As is the case in all growing economies, retail is a prominent sector in Bahrain that continues to grow.

With the emergence of large multi-use complexes, retail is booming in the Kingdom.

International hospitality brands are bringing their names to the forefront and benefiting from the country’s on-going development.

Shopping destinations are popping up, in large spaces, at residential complexes and dedicated malls.

This retail burst adds to Bahrain’s attractiveness to both local and foreign investors.

Rather than be worried about the stagnating economic situation that is overtaking many countries, investment here is going against the dominating current and improving day by day.

4. Location


It is no secret that Bahrain lays in a strategic and enviable location.

It is right in the heart of the GCC, with easy access by land, sea, or air from the Middle East and North Africa.

It is only a short drive away from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This location makes Bahrain a destination like no other, granting tourists and investors a chance to visit and perhaps even relocate to its land.

In order for any market to grow and prosper, it must be within arm’s reach, and that is exactly what Bahrain presents.

5. Dynamic youth and culture


A market would not be the same without its core driving force: the people behind it.

In Bahrain, the youth are vibrant, energetic, and possess the willingness and ability to push their country forward.

The Bahraini workforce is characterised by being the highest in the GCC in terms of educational attainment, skills, and efficiency.

According to the Central Bank of Bahrain in 2010, Bahraini citizens make up two-thirds of the workforce (66%) in the financial services sector.

With a capable nation that believes in the importance of a strong ethical work culture, Bahrain’s market scene is among the best in the entire GCC region.