Best Middle Eastern Restaurants

Although there are multiple international cuisines that comprise dishes that are famously delightful and mouthwatering, the Middle Eastern cuisine and dishes have been significantly rising to prominence in the recent years as one of the best cuisines in the world.

This happened not only because of the equal rise of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries as tourist attractions, but also because of the variety of delicious treats that vary between the exquisite bold blend of spices and meat in Shawerma and the magical combinations that can be made of some very simple ingredients like Tabuleh; and let’s not forget the desserts that can be sugar rush-inducing like Kanafeh or the warm soothing ones like Umm Ali, also known as Egyptian Bread Budding.

Some of the most famous Middle Eastern dishes are now being served in restaurants worldwide nowadays; and they know how to make them delicious, if I may add. However, if you are planning a holiday trip to one of the GCC countries, make sure you do not waste the chance to get a taste of the Arabian dishes in their homeland which is guaranteed to be a different experience.

Here you can find a list of the best 7 Middle Eastern restaurants in GCC region.

Best Restaurants in Dubai

Ostro – Dubai, UAE

Middle Eastern Restaurants in GCC

Located on the ground floor of Dusit D2 hotel in Dubai Barsha heights, Ostro is an all-day vegetarian-friendly restaurant that brings together a variety of dishes from all over the Middle Eastern region and the whole world, an elegant soothing home-like atmosphere and friendly waiters to delight you, this place will fit your need whether you are planning a business lunch, a family outing, or even a quiet romantic dinner.

Al Dawaar – Dubai, UAE

Middle Eastern Restaurants in GCC

Located at the top of Hayat Regency Dubai and named after its most prominent feature, Al Dawaar (translated as The Revolving Restaurant) is Dubai’s only revolving restaurant and it offers its guests a spectacular 360 degrees’ view of the Persian Gulf, Dubai Creek and Dubai’s skyline. Add to that its variety of offered delicious dishes, Al Dawaar offers you an unforgettable treat not just for your taste buds but for all of your senses that is further accented by its colonial décor and live kitchen experience.

There are many other things to do in Dubai after visiting the luxury restaurants, such as taking a Dubai City tour in Burj Khalifa, going on an IMG world adventure, visiting Ski Dubai, and doing more activities.

Best Restaurants in Muscat

Kargeen – Muscat, Oman

Middle Eastern Restaurants in GCC

Located in Al Bashair street in Muscat, this restaurant’s name comes from an old Omani word which means “a wooden cottage” to which it lives up in the most beautiful way. Using its consonant blend of Eastern and Western classical styles that are expressed in the wood and wrought iron it is made of, the restaurant is considered among the best Middle Eastern restaurants in GCC as it indulges its guests in its tranquilizing atmosphere as soon as they step through its door and tops all of the previous attributes with a menu that brings together the best dishes of the Italian, Middle Eastern, Persian and many other great cuisines from all over the world.

Bait Al Luban – Muscat, Oman

Middle Eastern Restaurants in GCC

Another Omani restaurant which stands up strongly for its name, Bait Al Luban (translated to House of Frankincense) is located in a 140-year old guest house in Al Mina Street in Muttrah Corniche and is famous for its atmosphere which fuses Omani heritage with the aromatic scent of Omani frankincense; in the same manner, the restaurant’s traditional middle eastern dishes comprise an irresistible mix of exotic flavors and eastern spices.

As soon as you sit down, you are presented with a glass of frankincense water along with the menu. If you are lucky, you can get a table in the balcony and you will get yourself a spectacular view of the corniche that just makes the experience even more memorable. All of this makes Bait Al Luban one of the most beautiful Middle Eastern restuarants in GCC.

Best Restaurants in Abu Dhabi

Mijana – Abu Dhabi, UAE

Middle Eastern Restaurants in GCC

Situated in the Ritz Carlton hotel in Abu Dhabi with an outdoor seating area, this restaurant’s contemporary atmosphere and dishes from all around the Middle Eastern region offers you and your family a good place for an outing as it features many additional attractions that help it stand out like Saturday family night where children can choose from the complementary kids menu, Monday Seafood Night and Wednesday No Mobile challenge where the restaurant dares its guests to disconnect from the outside world and lock away their mobile phones for the entire duration of their meal and get 15% discount off of their bills in return.

Best Restaurants in Al Manama

Al Wasmiya Village Restaurant – Al Manama, Bahrain

Middle Eastern Restaurants in GCC

Being one of the earliest restaurants in the Kingdom of Bahrain to bring about the “village atmosphere” concept in every possible way from the waiters’ traditional uniforms to the rooms that look like a common area in a village to help portraying the Middle Eastern culture, Al Wasmiya is one of Bahrain’s best restaurants and one of the most unique Middle Eastern restaurants in GCC generally not only for its mesmerizing theme and professional catering services, but also for its delicious Kebab, Arabian barbeque and other Middle Eastern dishes.

Best Restaurants in Kuwait

Burj Al Hamam – Gulf Road, Kuwait

Middle Eastern Restaurants in GCC

A place that successfully combines the breathtaking view of the sea, the cozy atmosphere that makes you feel you are home, and the best mouthwatering treats, Burj Al Hamam is a waterfront restaurant located on the Gulf Road near Green island and specialized in the Lebanese, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines. The restaurant is considered one of the best Middle Eastern restaurants in GCC not only because of its quality but also because of the variant quantity of the dishes it offers; as soon as you take a seat, you are offered three different menus to choose from: royal, family menu and a la carte menu.

If you are in Kuwait and you are looking for an unforgettable taste of some of the best Lebanese trademark dishes like Tabouleh and Fatouch (let alone the traditional Lebanese tea and coffee), Burj Al Hamam is definitely the right place for you. The place also features a playground for the children to have fun in.

A taste of a different cuisine is one thing that every traveler knows for sure should not be missed in the place they are traveling to, especially when it is a cuisine that is guaranteed to carry you away like the middle eastern cuisine. Make sure you check out the best Middle Eastern restaurants in GCC whether you are spending your next holiday in this region or if you are going there in a business trip.

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