Did you ever feel bored from your house? Did it strike you before that you need to make a total makeover in your house design?

Well, don’t worry, this is a normal feeling that happens to most of us. Maybe living in one place for a long time and getting used to a standard style or design erupts this kind of feeling.

You can undertake a facelift for your house on a large scale to refresh the interest in your house. If you don’t enough money to run such an operation, you can undergo some simple alterations on specific details in your house to recharge the charm batteries to your house.

We thought about combining a number of these alterations that will definitely make a big difference.


1. Switch plates


The key factor in this operation is changing the things in your house that you get subjected to or deal with on daily basis.

Switch plates are a good example of these things that you use every day. Changing such details will positively reflect on your intuition.

Switch plates are always white or neutral, try giving it a smart touch by changing its color or printing a pattern.


2- Improve the façade


Your house façade means a lot for you and your visitors. Upgrading your façade by adding fine details will absolutely have a magic touch to your spirit.

Some greenery could do, you can also change the exterior door design and repaint it in a bold color or hang a door knocker.


3- Door knobs


Changing the knobs of all your house doors isn’t an expensive operation and will definitely have a big impact.

We always grab and hold the door knobs more than once every day, changing the knobs of the front door, the bathroom door, or the bedroom door will make this function more fun.


4- Lighting


Swapping this oily pendant light hanging in the middle of your kitchen will definitely make a difference, it will make the kitchen look warmer, cleaner, and even nicer.

The same effect will happen after cleaning the chandelier in the reception hall and the lights in the living room. Try also buying new chapeau side lights for your bedrooms to add a brighter look to the whole ambience.


5- Windows


Try to dress up your house windows with a different cloth. A plain window is beautiful, but adding curtain panels or roman shades definitely make it better.

Just take care while choosing the new colors and designs of curtains as they have to consist with the rest room design to give you the harmony and warmth needed.


6- Upholstery


Changing the whole house’s upholstery could be time and money consuming. Nevertheless, you could change the lining of a limited number of pieces like the dining table chairs or the living room sofa.


7- New pieces


After all these years, of course your house needs to be updated with new pieces of furniture. Add at least one or two new pieces, it could be a new chandelier, new console unit in the corner, or a new set of metallic chairs in the kitchen or the balcony.