If you want to invest in Bahrain, you have probably heard of the country’s thriving market. Investors are always looking for the best opportunities and markets to invest in, even if they are further away from home. There are always opportunities that can’t be missed or overlooked, especially those that offer competitive prices, advanced infrastructure, and strategic location.

Bahrain is currently considered one of the best countries that continue to draw in investors from different sectors in the GCC and the Middle East. That is no coincidence, considering the government’s efficient steps towards achieving the Economic Vision 2030.

The Bahraini government is working on pushing the country forward to become the region’s business and investment hub, attracting international investors. The Bahraini currency is the second highest globally after the Kuwaiti Dinar.

The Kingdom of Bahrain enjoys an open and free economy, coming in first regionally and seventh internationally. In the GCC, Bahrain’s Economic Freedom is followed by the UAE, Qatar, Oman, and Saudi Arabia.

Economic freedom is measured according to five aspects: the size of government, the legal system and the security of property rights, access to sound money, freedom of international trade, and regulation of credit, labor, and corporations.

Bahrain has reached the twelfth largest in the world in terms of the level of economic openness, according to the ‘Heritage Foundation’ and the Index of Economic Freedom for 2013 issued by Wall Street magazine.

We bring you today 10 reasons why you should invest in Bahrain:

1. Strategic location

Strategic Location

The Kingdom of Bahrain lies in the heart of the GCC, with easy access via land, sea, or air from the Middle East and North Africa. It is a short drive away from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which boasts the largest economy in the GCC.

In addition to that, the Kingdom of Bahrain is very closely located to Hormuz strait, a vital chokepoint which witnesses the passage of 20% of all of the oil traded worldwide.

Following the opening of Khalifa Bin Salman Port, Bahrain is heading towards becoming a regional center for recharging. The Kingdom is also home to “Gulf Air” which owns the largest network of regional destinations in the Gulf region.

2. Liberal business environment

Liberal business environment

Bahrain is dedicated to providing one of the most liberal business environments in the region. Private companies are exempt from taxes, and a small number of non-direct taxes are imposed on private institutions and individuals. In addition, the Kingdom offers the possibility to return capital to Bahrain for free.

In 2003 a new code has been enacted in Barhain to enable foreigners to freehold real estate properties either for residential or business purposes in different areas including Al Juffair, Al Seef, Durrat Al Bahrain, Amwaj island, and Al Reef island. Bahrain is also the only Gulf state that enjoys a communications sector free from any regulatory restrictions.

3. Modern global economy

Modern global economy

Bahrain has become a country that possesses a modern global economy. It boasts a long track record of economic achievements over the past few decades. Furthermore, the financial services sector in Bahrain has witnessed continuous thriving for over 40 years.

Bahrain’s financial sector has been selected as the most advanced in the Arab Gulf, as mentioned in the Global Competitiveness Report of the World Economic Forum. The Kingdom of Bahrain was ranked 14 among 142 countries.

4. Low costs

Low costs

Bahrain’s economy is the lowest in terms of basic constituent costs. This is an added value for investors, as the rental value of office and industrial space is less than any other country in the GCC. The cost of living is low, which makes the income levels more competitive than all other neighboring countries.

As for the water, gas and electricity services, subsidies and the privatization movement in the public utility sectors has ensured a high level of competitiveness in price and quality. This means that your decision to invest in Bahrain will yield high profits. 

5. Efficient workforce

Efficient workforce

The Bahraini workforce is characterized by being the highest in the GCC in terms of educational attainment, skills, and efficiency. This allows investors to reduce the size of the necessary spending to bring in foreign labor.

Investors can also replace foreign labor in charge of the construction of a local workforce without compromising efficiency and skill. According to the Central Bank of Bahrain in 2010, Bahraini citizens make up two-thirds of the workforce (66%) in the financial services sector.

6. Diverse community

It goes without saying that Bahrain welcomes all nationalities with open arms. Whether they are residents of neighboring GCC states, Arab countries, or overseas countries. This diversity has played a vital role in helping Bahrain reach its current state as a business and investment hub.

Citizens from around the globe are finding the kingdom to be suitable for living and investment. Moreover, every non-Bahraini brings along their experience, background, and culture that adds to the harmonious lifestyle you will find when you invest in Bahrain.

7. Tourism hub

Home to the ancient Dilmun civilization, the Kingdom of Bahrain has steadily grown to become a beacon of tourism in the region. However, tourists don’t flock simply to enjoy the remnants of the long-lost civilization. Bahrain has managed, in a short few years, to develop countless destinations to attract different types of tourists.

The kingdom is famous for its 5-star hotels and resorts that promise guests an unforgettable, luxurious stay. Moreover, mega-malls are bringing the best in international fashion to the state’s cozy streets. Restaurants and cafes across Bahrain provide residents and tourists with delicious and authentic cuisines. Entertainment venues, water parks, and high-tech cinemas also enrich every tourist’s visit to the kingdom.

8. Booming real estate market 

Next, we come to Bahrain’s real estate market, which is considered one of the best in the region. For years now, investors from near and far have taken every chance to be a part of the kingdom’s ever-growing market. Furthermore, new developments are always emerging across Bahrain, providing even more opportunities.

Overall, Bahrain’s real estate market has properties to suit all tastes and budgets. From high-end luxury properties to projects developed specifically for medium-income young adults. Freehold properties are also available, enabling expats to be a part of this strong market. So if you decide to invest in Bahrain, you will find endless options to choose from.

9. Strict real estate laws

The Kingdom of Bahrain takes real estate laws seriously. When you invest in Bahrain, especially in the real estate market, you will find that your rights and obligations are clear and protected. The kingdom takes great pride in ensuring the rights of all parties. Moreover, laws and regulations are adhered to and respected throughout the country.

10. Robust infrastructure 

Finally, we reach Bahrain’s robust infrastructure which is always an added benefit for any investor. The Bahraini market is growing at a strong and steady pace due to many factors. However, the most impressive of them is its ability to withstand exterior factors and singular failures. In Bahrain, the market does not break down easily. Instead, it is able to withstand any circumstances, such as the oil crisis that barely had an influence on Bahrain’s real estate market.

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