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Around Manama in A Day [Infographic]


Discover Manama in Just One Day [Infographic]

If you are intending to visit Manama, you may need some guidelines to spend unforgettable day. Here are some information that can help you to know more about Manama. Manama, is the capital of Bahrain and considered the largest city in Bahrain. [...]
Adventure in Manama


A Gastronomic in Manama: Try the Delicious Bahrain traditional Food

Bahrain’s food is as exciting as its economic condition—constantly changing and improving over time. Manama, its capital, is an example of this paradigm shift. Through the years, the influx of foreigners to the country, more so the city, have [...]


Bahrain’s Top 10 Visited Places [Infographic]

Bahrain receives two million tourists a year. Most visitors are from Arab states of the Persian Gulf but there are an increasing number of tourists from outside the region. The Kingdom of Bahrain has many different attractions to cater to a [...]