What makes  global restaurants distinguished?

What is the criteria of fine dining?

Why certain food chains are more successful than others?

What are the characteristics of global restaurants?

Dining out in restaurants is a popular, significant and growing international phenomenon. Everywhere one travels people from all ethnic backgrounds, nationalities, ages, socioeconomic groups and both genders can be observed eating and drinking out in independent, locally owned and operated establishments or in strongly branded multiunit chain outlets.

The international restaurant market is benefiting from a number of trends, including rising personal disposable income and a leisure environment in which many consumers eat out more frequently.

2013_worldresto_1_gallery Contemporary restaurants take many forms and have developed considerably from their humble origins in eighteenth century France. The basic restaurant concept today is identical to its predecessors and can be defined as an establishment where refreshments or meals can be obtained, usually for money, by the public.

However, this general definition of a restaurant conceals a diversity of restaurant types. It is possible to segment the types of restaurants in various ways. For example, distinctions can be made according to characteristics of consumers including age, gender, ethnicity and lifestyle; elements of the concept such as geographic location, menu, service style and price; and according to ownership structures. Restaurants are reviewed for the quality of the facility and the overall enjoyment of the experience.


Using a standardized checklist, there are three main aspects of the building that should be considered:

a. Cleanliness and sanitation. A global restaurant should always be spotless.

b. Physical condition. A global restaurant should never be shabby.

c. Location. A global restaurant should have a good location.


Service Evaluation

Any international restaurant can benefit from receiving accolades from a rating service like Forbes Travel. In short, a business establishment that meets the rigid standards of the travel guide can definitely get into the listing of the Forbes website.

Along with becoming part of the list, the establishment also benefit from increased traffic and a great reputation. International restaurant provide a wide range of distinctive dining experiences. Aside from that, these restaurants can provide delectable food and excellent service.


The décor and layout of the restaurant also affects the dining experience. The originality of the recipes is also given great emphasis. The intricacy of presentation and congeniality of service team is also included.

table set

And so, when you are looking for a world class you can expect the following:

Based on restaurant products

a. Drinks are served in club service

b. The menu is unique

c. The flavor and quality of food is outstanding

Based on restaurant facilities

a. The staff dress code goes well with the theme of the restaurant Restaurant-Uniforms

b. Décor in the dining room goes well with the ambiance

c. China, silverware, glassware and linens are high quality with distinctive style and design

d. Washroom is well-maintained and sophisticated contemporary-restaurant-design-clean-bathroom

e. Valet parking is prompt

f. Fine wine presentations are handled by a sommelier or high trained staff

g. Table turnarounds provide enough attention but some amount of privacy to guests alainducasseatthedorchester

There are numerous ways of classifying an international restaurant; usually an international or world class restaurant is reviewed in order to reach such position. A top restaurant rating can mean success or failure for a restaurant, particularly when bestowed by influential sources like Michelin.

The different guides have their own criteria. Not every guide looks behind the scenes or decorum. Others look particularly sharply to value for money. This is why a restaurant can be missing in one guide, while mentioned in another. Because the guides work independently, it is possible to have simultaneous multiple recognition.

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