Interior design changes as fast as minutes on a clock.

Every season and possibly less, a new trend in interior design makes its way to the top.

No one can tell if a trend will last or be ousted while spring cleaning.

However, Scandinavia’s interior design trends have proven their popularity all over the world.

It blends simplicity and practicality with modernity and fashion.

Here we have 10 of Scandinavia’s most recent trends that have taken the world by storm.

1. Copper Globe Lights

Copper Globe Lights

Copper has been huge this fall season, so why not make it stand out like our Nordic neighbours to the North.

Their smooth soft exterior allows the metal to shine even brighter.

Plus, they’re a great addition to an otherwise bland room.

2. Folding Wooden Chairs

Folding Wooden Chairs

These chairs are easy to fold and tuck away if needed.

They add a simple, rustic touch and can be decorated with almost anything.

Cushions, blankets, some even come with leather backs for added comfort and elegance.

3. Blue, blue, and more shades of blue

shades of blue

Blue is a popular colour in Scandinavia, it can be seen anywhere from flags to every piece of furniture.

A brightly coloured blue rug is capable of making a room stand out.

Choose a tone that contradicts your walls, floors, or furniture for a wilder look.

4. Cacti Plants

Cacti Plants

Cacti are the perfect way to give your home a pop of green.

They don’t require much attention and so are easy to maintain.

A small plant on your work desk or a larger one at your home’s entrance will suffice.

5. Feathers


Feathers are an elegant way to add noticeable touches of elegance to your home.

You can make them yourself at home as seen here and scatter them across the house.

The soft white demeanour of feathers is enough to grab attention and please the eye.

6. Paper Lanterns

Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are a lovely addition to any room of the house.

They resemble traditional chandeliers but with a modern, simple twist.

You can get them in almost any colour, whichever suits your decor.

Try to choose a neutral tone that allows its sheer simplicity to stand out.

7. Grey Walls

Grey Walls

Grey walls are neutral and monochromatic, they are there as a base.

This means the rest of the room can be altered as you please.

Play around with different colours and shades, building upon your non-dominating wall.

8. Black and White Stripes

Black and White Stripes

Stripes are one of the trends that seem to come and go worldwide.

It seems that black and white stripes, however, will be here for a while.

They add a touch of subtle non-conformity to your home.

Stripes can be found on anything from pillows and blankets to couch cushions.

9. Monochromatic Artwork

Monochromatic Artwork

It’s no secret that Scandinavians are big on black and white.

Graphic artwork will bring a miracle to your home by introducing those colours to a whole other one.

These art pieces represent elegance and are reminiscent of olden times.

However, they bring along an uncanny air of creative modernity.

10. Slatted Walls

Slatted Walls

If you are brave enough to go full Scandinavian, then slatted walls are for you.

Inspired by the popular walls of spas and sauna rooms, these walls are a token of serenity.

A small addition behind your favourite chair will be enough to transport you to a calm and quiet surrounding.


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