The living room is where all family members gather, and also where they spend most of their time. When it comes to creating a living room decor that suits both children and adults, the top priorities should be fun, functionality and safety.

You want a living space to be inviting for the whole family, and yet be functional, easy to tidy up and clean and safe for your young ones.

Here are some tips on creating a living room decor that caters to the whole family, including the young ones.

1. Make it fun

Make it fun

A living room should always be fun, for children and adults to look forward to spending their time in.

So inject some playfulness into a practical living space, something like brightly colored cushions  and fun artwork will accentuate a neutral palette nicely.

In addition to that, you can provide a place for your children to display their artwork. You can create a zone on the wall to be their art gallery.

This allows younger family members to feel comfortable in a room that is not too adult or too mature for them.

2. Provide comfy sitting space

Provide comfy sitting space

A family should be able to gather in the living room, and sit together there for long times watching movies, playing board games or simply talking and catching up.

Comfy sitting space will come in very handy. Try to choose furniture that is comfortable to sit on for a while, like plush couches and big inviting chairs.

However, make sure you have plenty of options available; This ensures that almost every situation will be covered.

Use poufs, oversize cushions and rugs for a cozy and comfortable space that everyone can share.

Remember, a dark color adds the bonus of standing  the test of time, pick durable dark colors for a durable living room.

You can always add pillows and throws to bring personality and color.

3. Create extra storage

Create extra storage

Storage space is a great option for every room, but it works particularly well in busy family living room for hiding books, toys and blankets when not in use.

Even better for small spaces is furniture with built in storage. This provides a place for everything without adding extra clutter.

Most importantly, make sure you have a proper space for toys, large boxes or big drawers or simply a few baskets in a variety of shapes and sizes are a quick and easy way to keep toys in order. Your children can use them to tidy up after playing.

4. Make your life easier with easy cleaning

Make your life easier with easy cleaning

Living rooms are designed for relaxing, entertaining and playing, that is why you need the room to be easy to clean.

Sturdy and washable fabrics are essential, as well as hard wearing and sturdy materials and easy to clean surfaces.

Moreover, Choosing a washable paint sheen is a great way to child-proof your paint job.

5. Accessorize smartly

Accessorize smartly

When accessorizing your living room, keep fragile and breakable knick-knacks placed up high on mantels and bookshelves, out of reach.

You can accessorize the easy to reach areas with more kid-friendly accessories, such as shells, pinecones, chunky wooden bowls or candlesticks, and stacks of books.

6. Separate zones

Separate zones

If you have an open plan living area, try to separate it into zones as much as you can.

It is important to define each zone, and create a clear purpose for that zone.

Strategic furniture placement  can do that, such as an oversize antique cabinet to serve as a partial divider between the sitting and dining areas.

7. Keep the glam

Keep the glam

If you believe it is not possible to have glamour and kids in the same room, think again.

Little glamorous touches are a great idea for bringing some character and style to a mostly practical room.

Nonetheless, keep your elegant pieces up high. Add a little glam in your ceiling light or display some unique artwork above arm’s reach.

8. Do not forget technology

Do not forget technology

In this day and age, we cannot neglect the element of technology in living room decor. Create a stylish space for your technology. This makes it accessible without having cables everywhere being an eyesore.

A media center is perfect for that, it provides an elegant place for your television, gaming console and everything else.

Fashion a charging station as well, a charging station keeps accessories charged and easy to find without disturbing your living room decor with cables.

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