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Design Tips for your home office


How to be more productive – 11 Designing tips for your home office

Nowadays a lot of people tend to take their work home, while others actually work from home. That’s why, it is crucial to empty a space where you can put a table and a chair and just do your work. But not all people who have home offices are [...]
Bahrain artificial islands


Get to know the 7 most exotic artificial islands in GCC

Artificial islands are considered the future of real estate development in the GCC states. This kind of construction emerged by the turn of the third millennium and met great reception then from customers and investors in the Gulf region who [...]
Rental prices

Market Trends

The main 9 factors why rental prices shift

Renting became the best affordable solution for satisfying the need of residence and shelter amid the soaring properties prices, rising rates of population growth especially in developing countries, and scarcity of lands. But what causes rental [...]
Residential vs. Commercial Real Estate

Real Estate

Residential vs. Commercial Real Estate Investment

Are you thinking of investing in real estate but you are not sure where to start? Well, don’t worry as we will display the difference between the two best types of real estate investment to assist you with your decision. You can read too [...]
King Abdullah Financial District

Real Estate

King Abdullah Financial District: get to know the main features

King Abdullah Financial District (KAFC) is a new $7.8bn urban location that will put Riyadh, the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the financial map. The center will stand as a common ground business and finance field in the Middle East. [...]
Sell a property in no time with these tips

Tips & Advice

Sell a property in no time with these tips

The real estate investment is deemed as the most rewarding and lucrative, the most secure, and the most sustainable especially in vibrant markets like US, Turkish or GCC markets. However, the only trick about real estate, besides speculation, of [...]
house appraisal


How to appraise and sell your own house?

As the most popular form of investment, real estate investments can be one of the most profitable sources of income if done right. However, if you were not careful enough or experienced, you might end up losing a significant part of the value of [...]


How many of these real estate terms do you know?

The spread of real estate investment and development companies, and the growth of constructions sector to be the second most pivotal economic sector in GCC countries after oil production signified the role of real estate portals and publications [...]
real estate developer

Real Estate

12 Inquiries to ask Your Real Estate Developer Before Contracting

Nowadays, after the widespread of Purchase on Map system, numerous people will be engaging with a real estate developer for the first time. The good thing is that the GCC is full of really good and dependable real estate developers, but still, [...]


Who is who in real estate market in Bahrain ?

Quick introduction to a number of poignant figures in real estate sector of Bahrain which really added and improved real estate market in Bahrain. Salman Bin Abdullah Al Khalifa                   [...]
Unforgettable moments in the five best restaurants in Bahrain

Living in Bahrain

Unforgettable moments in the five best restaurants in Bahrain

The process of listing the best restaurants in Bahrain is definitely not an easy one; of course, taste buds never lie but Bahrain has a fierce gastronomic competition since it is packed with many eateries. Food experience is not meant to refresh [...]


Green Buildings: Advantages and Disadvantages

Green buildings have many benefits and have a great impact on the environmental, economic, and social levels. The design of the building depends on the use of renewable energy as well as bio-resources and recyclable or renewable materials. And [...]
Real estate finance


Real estate finance | what is it and what are its main systems?

Real estate finance What is real estate finance? Real estate finance is an operation dealt with a bank or financial firm that allows the benefactor to acquire a property by paying its value on many payments like installments. The real estate [...]
Keep your house cool


7 Tips to keep your house cool naturally

Summer is hitting harder each year and it is becoming unbearable, so you need to be really prepared for it and know how to keep your house cool during the summer peak. Air conditioning is the perfect solution in these hot days, but let me ask [...]
Sign you chose the wrong realtor


8 Signs You Chose The Wrong Realtor

“There is a first time for everything”, but why go through all the trouble that comes from hiring a bad realtor to realize that not all realtors are qualified to handle your purchases. Whether you are purchasing a house for the first time or you [...]