If you want to attract more potential buyers to your home and sell faster you might be tempted to cut down the asking price.

But the truth is that you probably have more chances to attract those buyers and sell faster if you raise the price.

This may seem like a counterintuitive move to you, but it really works, especially in a competitive market.

If you want to sell your home, you need to first know how to entice people to come view the place. Asking for a higher price attracts more attention.

These are some tips that will help you sell faster and with a better price.

Raise the price in your listing

Raise the price in your listing

This is the magic power of perceived value. Consumers see the price of a good or service as more than just a number.

Buyers view the price as a reflection of the value of that item, a more expensive item is a better and more valuable one.

When buyers come across two similar listings, two houses in the same area and with the same number of rooms, with different prices they automatically suspect that the more expensive house is better for some reason.

Thus, they will make sure to go check that house, which will probably lead to more buyers checking the house, which will in turn result in selling faster.

This strategy may even attract a new category of buyers who would not have been drawn to a home in a lower price bracket.

Additionally, this encourages the buyers to look for the selling points of the house. As they have started checking it with the assumption that it is a good high-priced house, and that instantly highlights the house’s merits.

Back up the price with a good impression

Back up the price with a good impression

Raising the asking price will probably get buyers into your house, already believing that it is a valuable house, but you still need to back up this assumption.

Staging may be your answer here, tasteful staging is one of the most cost-effective ways to present your home in a positive light.

Good staging gives an excellent first impression, confirming the reasoning that the house is indeed worth the asking price.

Add some quality professional photos to your listing as well, and then stage the house just as elegantly when the buyers show up.

Decide on a contingency plan before you list

Decide on a contingency plan before you list

What if after the buyers are attracted they want to negotiate?

And this will most probably happen as buyers always want to negotiate.

How much are you willing to accept as a price for the house? Decide that before you even list the house.

Are you willing to offer something else instead of reducing the asking price? Maybe you are willing to include the furniture or the appliances in the price.

Also decide that so you start the negotiating process with firm goals and plans.

And remember, starting with a higher price also gives you an edge in the negotiations.

This way, even when buyers try to cut down the price there is a pretty good chance you will still sell faster and for a good price.

Upgrade your home smartly

Upgrade your home smartly

If you want to upgrade your house with the intention of attracting more buyers and selling for a higher price you must get the right upgrades.

We all know that a kitchen or a bathroom upgrade will sell faster, but new research says that smart and energy saving gadgets do that as well.

You just need to install the right appliances and gadgets then advertise smartly.

Or if you already have an appliance that saves energy installed emphasize on that, in the listing first, and then when buyers come to check the house show them these gadgets.

Do not overprice

Do not overprice

Raising the asking price of the house may help you attract more buyers and sell faster, but you must be careful about that.

The asking price should stay fair, if you overprice the house you might eliminate the buyers instead of attracting them.

The price should be slightly above the competition, but remain fair and reasonable for the area and the condition of the house.



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