Many would agree on the necessity of developing Bahrain’s tourism sector as it is one the economy’s pillars and holds various benefits including provision of job opportunities and expanding economy scale.

There is a famous quotation saying “tourism is the endless oil”. Many states depend tend to bolster tourism like Dubai and Turkey who have taken long steps on this way which made them iconic destinations for tourists.

By looking at Bahrain we will find that it has a robust infrastructure in addition to a large historic heritage and vibrant atmosphere. The government in Bahrain is looking forward to expanding the land mass by launching man-made islands in order to drive more tourists to visit.

This effort has been going on for years now, and the island kingdom has started to reap its fruits lately as its economy has been ranked as the fastest growing economy in the competitive GCC region in 2017; out of all of its economic sectors, Bahrain’s tourism industry was the star of this year as it had the highest growing rate which reached 12.2%. In addition to that, the Kingdom of Bahrain was chosen as expats’ favorite destination to live and work in the same year, according to Expats’ Insider Survey 2017.

It’s worth mentioning that the Kingdom will have to develop its methods of boosting tourism to expand its revenues by following two main strategies.

The first strategy is establishing more reasons for tourists to visit, and the second strategy promotes Bahrain’s valuable assets by applying an effective marketing plan.

We will provide here a strategic development plan that depends on 4 main points to achieve the main goal of tourism improvement.


1. Setting an efficient plan

No change will happen without an effectively studied plan. The authority must define its priorities either hotel development, restaurants, expanding beaches, or focusing on recreational centers. These points must be studied in light of the available resources and the goals.

Moreover, enough resources must be allocated for execution. Defining the budget is inevitable to guarantee continuance.


2. Ask tourists and guests

There is no problem with running polls between tourists asking them about their opinions about the services quality and Bahrain’s resources.

They could be asked also about the reasons that made them visit Bahrain and their past experience with it if there is any.

3. Events and Exhibitions:

One of the most common and guaranteed ways to simulate investment and refurbish the economy is the exhibitions and economic forums. The Kingdom of Bahrain has proved to be aware of such fact, as it has lately hosted multiple regional and international events that aimed at encouraging the growth of its economy. Bahrain’s tourism and real estate sectors have received major focus during such exhibitions as they promoted new residential and hospitality projects in the kingdom specially in its freehold areas (areas where foreigners are allowed to purchase and own properties).


4. Look at others

Bahrain won’t reinvent the wheel, they need to study other experiences and follow success stories in order to reach its targets.

Bahrain can learn a lot from Dubai and Turkey, these two sprinkling destinations in Middle East tourism.


5. Tying partnerships with other sectors

Promoting tourism could be expensive, hence, the government could tend to tie partnerships and cooperate with other entities in order to ensure the sector’s success.

There has to be a partnership between multiple sides to bolster tourism vitalization. A lot could be done if there were a cooperation with the travel agencies, companies, museums, restaurants, historic spots, and malls.

Also, travelling to Bahrain must be facilitated and entrance procedures must  go smoothly.

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