As a property association manager in Bahrain, we are able to assist your association in virtually every aspect of the operation. We guarantee a hassle-free smooth operation that makes everyone’s life much easier.

We are here to streamline the management capabilities of your property. From administrative tasks to strategy implementation, we offer industry expertise and assistance in all its forms.

Association Property Manager in Bahrain

Complying with the RERA Code of Conduct and carrying out work with dedication and integrity, Weetas real estate is a licensed association property manager in Bahrain. This means that we are ready to consult and carry on the work needed for your association.

We also offer HomeOwners Association's advice and solutions. We have extensive knowledge of the legal, financial, technological, and administrative elements of Homeowners Association Management as a result of our property management experience.


Association Management

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What services do we provide in association management in Bahrain?

The Owners Association is a body tasked with managing the connections between the property's owners. The following are some of the duties that the Association will be responsible for:


1- General Administration

  • Providing professional customer service, assisting clients, answering phone calls, responding to emails and other correspondence.
  • Documenting and maintaining records. Reviewing and implementing policies for everyone’s best interest.
  • Taking care of communications and advertising.
  • Reviewing policy and offering recommendations for the creation of policies and the implementation of the board's processes. 
  • Act as the board's and owner's association's official representative to the appropriate authorities. 
  • Coordinating interactions among board members, especially when done via email; summarising results and asking the board to confirm at future meetings so it may be read into minutes. 
  • All administrative and secretarial services to the board and the owner's association are her responsibility.
  • Providing excellent customer service, which includes promptly returning phone calls, responding to emails and other communication, answering all inquiries, and going above and beyond to help the client.
  • Ensuring and documenting the owner's association's records, including a list of all owners and their addresses, while maintaining the privacy of private Owner information.
Association Management

2- Maintenance of Common Areas

  • Working closely with the relevant service providers to ensure all common areas are safe and well maintained.
  • Ensuring contracts for services are appropriate, competitive, and perform according to specifications and budget.
  • Implementing an effective preventative maintenance schedule.
  • Develop and implement management strategies for the common areas.
Association Management

3- Consultancy

  • Helping the board create a budget
  • Developing community rules and regulations
  • Helping the board establish a collection policy
  • Creating and administering a professionally forecasted budget that corresponds to the association's aims while also delivering results.
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