Top comprehensive system of property management in Bahrain

Weetas initiated a special department for providing well-engineered building management in Bahrain. Running by a bespoke system, Weetas services are suitable for all kinds of buildings including apartment blocks, towers, and many other.


Our Process

  • 1

    Building assessment

    Assessing the building condition and finding out what is required to be in the best shape.

  • 2


    Preparing needed sales or tenancy contracts for landlords.

  • 3

    Boosting building income

    Weetas main aim is generating the maximum income from buildings for landlords.

  • 4

    Building management

    Sorting out tenants’ complaints, fixing damages, collecting rents, and many other management services.

  • 5


    Available all day round to receive clients’ calls get their inquiries.

For us, good building management in Bahrain means maximising landlords’ returns, maintaining a good shape of the property, looking after tenants demands, and keeping the building safety compliant to the highest international standards.

Weetas services cover all parts of Bahrain from Budaiya to Durrat Al Bahrain Islands and all kinds of buildings. Either it’s a residential building, commercial, or mixed-use one, we will utterly take care of it.Despite being a newly-established company, Weetas utilizes a set of modern technical procedures in managing buildings in order to ensure total satisfaction for all our clients either landlords or tenants.To keep an edge over other providers of property management in Bahrain, we have gathered a team of well-experienced calibers who have received advanced training in their fields.

Why hire us?

Our sole aim is to make sure your property is operating at a high level and running at full potential. By trusting us with your property, we ensure you the following:

  • 1 State-of-the-art property marketing solutions
  • 2 Better screening for tenants to ensure quality renters who will regularly pay rent and create less damage to your real estate as well as screening bad tenants.
  • 3 Acting as a liaison and sparing you any direct contact with tenants.
  • 4 Reduce tenant turnover by promptly handling their complaints.
  • 5 Applying lease policies on tenants who regularly fail to pay rent.
  • 6 Maintenance services provided by highly professional contractors with extremely strong track records.
  • 7 Ensure shorter vacancy cycles.
  • 8 Taking care of all legal requirements such as inspections, evictions, terminating leases, lease addendums, rent collection and security deposits.
  • 9 Inventory checklist before tenants occupy the property and after they vacate it.
  • 10 Issuing monthly statements on income and expenses.

Our Services

We are a specialised property management company with a focus on preserving the facilities and assets within a residential or commercial building while nurturing a meaningful community. Call us now or send us a message.

Our experienced building managers are trained to deal with all types of facilities including, Essential Services (fire protection system, electricity, potable water, sewage, etc.) Capital Infrastructure (walls, floors, doors, windows, etc.) and Non-Essential services (pools, landscaping, lifts, air-conditioning, etc.)

  • Residential property management

    We have a comprehensive set of smart management services for residential buildings owners that are unprecedented in Bahrain. Our special guidelines are designed to meet all clients’ demands and they are totally compliant with the latest international standards.

  • Commercial Property Management

    Bahrain is known for its signature commercial environment since it teems with various markets, commercial centers, and shopping complexes that grab a lot of visitors every day. Managing commercial buildings in such nature requires adhering to meticulous guidelines and working with utmost efficiency, and that’s what we pledge to offer in all Weetas services.

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