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Why list your property with Weetas?

Weetas is the number one real estate website in Bahrain, listing your property with Weetas grants you a large audience for this property, thus enhancing your chances of finding the right tenant or buyer for it.

As Weetas is very popular among people looking for properties in Bahrain, we guarantee that your property will be viewed by many interested customers.

Because it is the number one real estate website in Bahrain, Weetas allows you to list any type of property you have, whether it be an apartment, a villa, a building, an office or land, whether you want to list it for rent or for sale.

Moreover, our professional sales team at Weetas will handle communication with all those interested customers on your behalf. We will handle all phone calls and inquiries, and only contact you when clients are ready to complete the transaction; this gives you an utterly hassle-free process.

In addition to that, listing your property with Weetas is totally free. Weetas gives you a free channel to find tenants or buyers for your property.

Furthermore, we have a team of professional photographers at Weetas, this team will come to your property and take some good pictures of it to increase your chances of finding the perfect buyer or tenant.

A free channel with a wide reach and an amazing sales service, maybe the question should be why not list your property with Weetas!



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