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4 5 Beds Apartments for rent in Bahrain

Apartment For Rent
Living room

Residential villa for rent with 5 bedrooms

  Road No 3218, Manama, Bahrain
Ref ID: RR4750
5 Beds     3 Baths
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Apartment For Rent

5 Bedroom Apartment in Amwaj

  Amwaj Islands Muharraq Governorate BH
Ref ID: RR424
5 Beds     3 Baths
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Apartment For Rent

Five bedrooms fully furnished

  Saar, Northern Governate
Ref ID: RR557
5 Beds     4 Baths
Show number
Apartment For Rent
Living Room

Five Semi Furnished Bedrooms at Janabiyah

  Janabiyah Northern Governorate BH
Ref ID: RR596
5 Beds     3 Baths
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Various apartments for rent in Bahrain to check from

There is a large number of available apartments for rent in Bahrain. Check out our extended flat lists and find the apartment that best suits your needs. We offer furnished and unfurnished flats for rent in Bahrain. Many apartments are fits that could meet expatriates need. Our lists are daily updated with new apartments. When you find the unit you have been looking for, don't hesitate to call our number in order to reserve it at once.

Our sales team can secure you special deals with better prices than displayed. Call us now and get one of our representatives to answer all your queries and offer you full assistance.

You will find here a divergent set of Bahrain apartments located in different locations and with different prices and spaces, call us once you find the unit that best suits your needs. If you need any help or asking for special consultation regarding the search process, call us anytime. Our team of property experts can offer full assistance.

Same as all other countries, the majority of displayed residential units in Bahrain are apartments. They vary in type of course between standard flats, duplexes, penthouses, studios, and other. They also range in size between one-, two-, three-, four-, and five-bedroom apartments. Property lookers can find furnished and unfurnished apartments in Bahrain. As many people prefer furnished apartments as they seem ready to be used, some people find the unfurnished flats more convenient as they will be able to deck it up by themselves.
Bahrain is growing in a fast pace, the kingdom is hitting unprecedented rates in construction development. New projects are launched offering new living options for the kingdom’s inhabitants. Many high-end developments are available in different locations, especially in the designated freehold areas. Property lookers can find quality options in the displayed apartments for rent in Juffair district. Other freehold localities like Seef, Reef, and Durrat Al Bahrain feature premium residential units too.

Best areas to find premium apartments in Bahrain

Amwaj Island apartments are also highly demanded by residents thanks to its numerous qualities. It’s a gated mixed-use community that houses many residential developments scattered throughout the project. It has also a set of fancy hotels and resorts overlooking the sea, in addition to retail centers, parks, and walkways. Many of the available apartments in Bahrain have access to a range of amenities like swimming pool, sauna, fitness gym, and other amenities. They are also displayed for affordable prices, areas like Hidd, Arad, Adliya, Tubli, and Salmaniya encompass suitable options that can fit all demands for suitable prices.

This list of apartments for rent in Bahrain has the finest properties displayed in the kingdom. Picked by experienced property consultants, the flats are well suited for all segments including singles, couples, and families. Each displayed property has a number of high-quality images taken by professionals, in addition to a descriptive text showcasing its perks, and location on map. Bahrain expatriates have better residential options to check now with our specialized list, convenient apartments scattered around the kingdom assorted by specialized property agents to cater to all society segments.

Finding apartments for rent in Bahrain is definitely easier now thanks to the modern online property listing sites like Weetas that offer extended lists of properties updated on a regular basis to meet all needs. Living in Bahrain is such an extraordinary experience, a life by the sea and among the kindest and most welcoming people on earth. Bahrain has a lot to offer, you will definitely find this once you take the first step on its soil.

What attracts people to rent apartments in Bahrain

As previously mentioned, Bahrain is an archipelago. That is why all its governorates feature beautiful beaches and seaside attractions, and also why a lot of apartments for rent in Bahrain feature brilliant sea views.

Bahrain is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the GCC. that is why you can find many tourist attractions in the kingdom. 

From old markets like  Muharraq Souq, Souq Al Qaisariya, Souq Waqif, and Souq Al Manama, to new shopping centers like Seef Mall, Bahrain Mall, Bahrain City Centre, The Avenues Mall Bahrain, and Juffair Mall, Bahrain is an amazing shopping destination.

Bahrain is a cosmopolitan country, people from all over the world live in the small country, which makes it a kingdom unlike any other. This also makes the people of Bahrain very open and accepting of different cultures. Whatever your home country may be, you will feel like you belong in Bahrain.

In addition to that, the dining scene in the kingdom is very diverse, you can find a huge number of restaurants in Bahrain that the question when looking for a restaurant should be, what cuisine haven’t I tried yet!

Average prices for flats for rent in Bahrain

Bahrain apartments for rent vary in price, some areas are more expensive than others, but of course, those areas often feature a quiet and elegant lifestyle, such as Jasra and Amwaj.

On the other hand, you can find many mid-priced residential areas in Bahrain, where you can find one- and two-bedroom apartments ranging from 400 to 600 BHD. these areas, such as Juffair and Seef, often feature the most lively lifestyle. They are where the youth often choose to reside.

Other residential areas in Bahrain, such as Mahooz and Hamala, are more budget-friendly. Those areas often feature a laid-back family lifestyle. You can usually find three-bedrooms flats for rent in Bahrain’s budget-friendly areas starting from 400 BHD and 500BHD.

What is the average price of Apartments in Bahrain?

Apartments Size
Average Price
342 BHD
1 Bedrooms
467 BHD
2 Bedrooms
561 BHD
3 Bedrooms
727 BHD
4 Bedrooms
1,080 BHD
5 Bedrooms
1,088 BHD
725 BHD

Frequently Ask Questions

Is Bahrain a safe country?

Yes, Bahrain is very safe. It also features a premium lifestyle.

Do you need a realtor to rent a flat in Bahrain?

It is highly advised to find a trusted realtor. Remember that lease contracts differ in Bahrain. For example, an “exclusive” package means that the tenant pays utility bills, while “inclusive” means the landlord will pay them, but there is a cap in the inclusive package. A realtor can find the best deal. In addition to that, a realtor would do all the paperwork, which means a hassle-free move.

Can expats get residency if they rent an apartment in Bahrain?

Even though Bahrain comprises some freehold zones, which means that foreigners can buy properties in those areas, residency is only given upon buying the property among other rules and regulations. No residency is given for renting apartments in Bahrain.

Is there an annual increase for apartment rents in Bahrain?

According to the real estate law in Bahrain, the lease can only be increased after two years from the lease date or the date of the last increase. With caps on the lease increase percentages with a 5% increase in residential leases and 7% on other types of leases.

How can you register a lease contract in Bahrain?

All lease contracts in Bahrain should be documented and registered by the landlord in the Municipal Lease Registration Office with a fee of 1BHD to 5BHD for residential properties and 5BHD to 10BHD for other properties. If the landlord failed to register the lease, the tenant can do that and deduct the registration fee from the rent value.

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