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4 4 Beds Apartments for rent in Hidd

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Apartment For Rent

Great apartment near the highway

  Al Hidd Muharraq Governorate BH
Ref ID: RR2890
4 Beds    
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Apartment For Rent
Living Room

Fully furnished four-bedroom apartment near lulu market and the highway in Hidd for rent

  Al Hidd Muharraq Governorate BH
Ref ID: RR2889
4 Beds    
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Apartment For Rent
Living area

New four-bedroom apartment

  Al Hidd Muharraq Governorate BH
Ref ID: RR2887
4 Beds    
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Apartment For Rent
Living room

A luxurious apartment for rent

  Hidd, Bahrain
Ref ID: RR6143
4 Beds    
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Apartments for rent in Hidd

Apartments for rent in Hidd

Find the best-displayed apartments for rent in Hidd

Find now on Weetas website a large bundle of displayed apartments for rent in Hidd district, located on Muharraq Island. Muharraq is the second largest island in Bahrain and Hidd is considered it’s biggest and most central neighbourhood.

Hidd is mainly a family neighbourhood, it is mainly consisted of mid-height residential buildings. It has also many parks and packed with many facilities including private schools, public schools, malls, markets, and many other. The abundance of residential buildings increase the variety of featured apartments for rent in Hidd as it has a wide set of flats varying in all specs like size, location, and price.

Besides nationals, Hidd is also favorable for expatriates in Bahrain looking for a peaceful location in a close proximity to the central financial and business districts of Manama. The district is directly connected to the rest of Bahrain through Juffair causeway. What makes Hidd more accessible is that it has a direct connection to Muharraq highway which links it to other localities like Galali, Muharraq, Busaiteen, and other areas.

If you are looking for villas in Hidd you can also find a lot of options on Weetas. Various sorts of apartments are featured on Weetas, users can find a collection of furnished and unfurnished flats for rent in Hidd. They can find also studios for rent in Hidd, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, three-bedroom, and four-bedroom apartments. Most residential buildings offer a set of additional facilities like security guard, parking lots, elevator, etc.

Hidd is a growing locality that is expected to see a lot of developments in the near future. On the bounds of the area lies the new emerging district of New Hidd where property searchers can find a lot of new and under construction buildings. New Hidd is the home of many developments built by Bahrain’s top builders like Bin Faqeeh for instance which working on establishing Hidd Heights project.

Famous attractions in hidd

Hidd includes the Port of Khalifa bin Salman, which extends over an area of 110 hectares of land and is located 13 km from Bahrain International Airport. The port is located 30 km from the King Fahd Causeway, which connects Bahrain with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Therefore, it is considered the centre of distribution and trade hub. Hidd Coast also features a dry coast for shipbuilding and repair.

On the other hand, to further abandon the city's commercial activity, Lulu hypermarket was opened in Hidd near its sports club.

As one of the oldest areas in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Hidd has many attractions and destinations including Hidd Park, Prince Salman Park and Asry Beach; but perhaps the most popular attractions in Hidd are Arad Fort. Arad Fort is a square shaped Islamic castle dating back to the fifteenth century and has undergone extensive restoration over the years to transform it into one of the most prominent sites in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Also, Hidd hosts the most popular football club in Bahrain which is headquartered in Al Hidd, Muharraq. This Bahraini football club plays in the first division of Bahraini football.

Healthcare facilities in hidd

The Kingdom of Bahrain has made steady progress over the past four decades in providing improved access to primary and secondary care and has managed to create a robust healthcare infrastructure.

Hidd hosts many medical healthcare such as Middle East Medical Center, BBK Hidd Branch & Health Center, Santhigiri Ayurvedic Center and Dar Al Shifa Medical Center. Salman Dental Centre, Bahrain Specialist Hospital, Al Hilal Hospital.

Schools in hidd

If you are trying to find a good school to enroll your children in it, then hidd is a perfect place to find the best schools in Bahrain. As it hosts many schools such as Beacon Private School, City International School, Hidd secondary girls school.

Also, the Ministry of Education runs the public schools. Governmental schools for boys include Al-Hidd Primary Intermediate School for Boys and the South Hidd Primary School for Boys. Governmental schools for girls include Asma That Al-Nequin Primary Intermediate Girls School and Al-Hadd Secondary Girls School.

Hidd also includes many nurseries and institutes to serve the daily necessities of its residents. For example, the AFAQ Institute of Aviation Technology is situated within the town.

Hotels in hidd

As one of the oldest places in Bahrain, hidd hosts many attractions and some of them dates back to the 15th century, so tourists and visitors come to sightsee this old town and enjoy its famous attractions. This resulted in that hidd has many hotels to serve its visitors. It hosts hotels ranges from 3-star up to 5 stars hotels such as Al Manzil Hidd Residence, Majestic Hotel. It also hosts many luxury hotels near the area.

What sort of apartments for rent can you find in hidd?

If you are looking for apartments for rent in hidd, you can find a lot of options on Weetas. Various types of apartments for rent in hidd are available at Weetas, and users can find a range of furnished and unfurnished apartments for rent in Hidd. They can also find studios for rent in Al Hidd, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, three-bedroom and four-bedroom apartments. Most apartment buildings offer a host of additional amenities like security guard, parking garages, elevators, etc.

Al Hidd is a growing area that is expected to see many developments in the near future. The new emerging New Hidd area is located on the boundaries of the region where real estate seekers can find many new buildings under construction. New Hidd is home to many of the developments that Bahrain's top builders have built, such as Bin Faqih, for example, that is working to create the Hidd Heights project.

Average prices for apartments for rent in hidd

The average of prices for apartments for rent in hidd bahrain is very reasonable and affordable, you can have a one-bedroom apartment for rent in hidd for 380 BD, or a two-bedroom flat for 385 BD per month, while a three-bedroom apartment is for 390 BD. but if are looking for spacious areas, or need more space then a four-bedroom apartment will suit you with an average rental price of 520 BD. also, studio apartments for rent in hidd is for 355 BD.

Residential towers in hidd

Al Hidd is mainly a family neighbourhood, and it mainly consists of mid-rise residential buildings. It also has many parks and is full of many amenities including private schools, public schools, shopping malls, markets and many more. The abundance of residential buildings increases from a variety of apartments offered for rent in Hidd, as it includes a wide range of apartments that differ in all specifications such as size, location and price, such as Reg towers, Noah tower and AR Residential tower.

What is the average price of Apartments in Hidd?

Apartments Size
Average Price
305 BHD
1 Bedrooms
319 BHD
2 Bedrooms
366 BHD
3 Bedrooms
362 BHD
4 Bedrooms
485 BHD

Frequently Ask Questions

Do foreigners take the residence when renting an apartment in hidd?

No, the residence only given for those who buy a property in Bahrain.

Is there an annual increase in rent apartments in hidd?

Yes, there is an annual increase when renting an apartment in hidd, up to 10%.

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