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3 Penthouse Apartments for rent in Juffair

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Apartment For Rent
Unique penthouse up for rent with sea view

Unique penthouse up for rent with sea view

  AlJuffair, Manama, Bahrain
Ref ID: RR8171
Penthouse     2 Baths
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Apartment For Rent
luxurious living room

A Luxury unfurnished penthouse flat for rent with a stunning city view

Ref ID: RR6610
Penthouse     6 Baths
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Apartment For Rent
luxurious living room

A luxurious Penthouse with a city view for rent

  Juffair, Manama, Bahrain
Ref ID: RR5154
Penthouse     5 Baths
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Apartments for rent in Juffair

Apartments for rent in Juffair

Half the population of Bahrain is composed of expats, and one of the most popular areas among the expat community in the Kingdom is Juffair. In fact, apartments for rent in Juffair are the most sought out flats in the kingdom, especially furnished flats for rent in Juffair.

So what attracts everyone to Juffair apartments for rent? We are here to tell you exactly that!

What attracts people to rent apartments in Juffair

Juffair is a seaside district, in fact, a large part of the area is built on reclaimed land. That is why a lot of people looking for sea view apartments in a lively district are attracted to rent a flat in Juffair.

Juffair is home to a large number of shopping and dining facilities. For instance, you can find numerous restaurants and cafes in Al Shabab Road, also known as American Alley, which is a street lined with restaurants and cafes on both sides. The area is also home to a variety of mega malls, such as Juffair Mall, which houses the renowned Lulu Market, as well as Al Raya Mall, and Morjan Shopping Mall.

Juffair also comprises institutes like the Religious Institute and the Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance. In addition to Isa Cultural Center, Manama Sports Club, Al Orouba Club, Bahrain Tennis Club, and Al Najmah Sports Club.

The area of Juffair also has its fair share of administrative facilities. This includes Bahrain’s Ministry of Islamic Affairs, the Central Informatics Organization, and the Bahrain Society of Engineers. The area is also home to the embassies of Nepal and Indonesia in Bahrain.

What sort of apartments for rent in Juffair?

Featuring one of the most active property markets in the Kingdom, properties for rent in Juffair are certainly various and plentiful.

You can find everything and more in the popular district, starting from studio flat for rent in  Juffair to one-bedroom flat for rent in Juffair to spacious two and three-bedroom apartments and all the way to luxurious four-bedroom apartments with magnificent finishings and furnishings.

Because the market is so diverse it just as easy to find unfurnished apartments as it is to find furnished apartments for rent in Juffair.

Average prices for flats for rent in Juffair

Juffair apartments for rent are often reasonably priced. Studio apartments for rent in Juffair often start from 350BD monthly. The cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment in Juffair starts at 400BD monthly. As for the rentals of Juffair’s two-bedroom apartments, they cost 600Bd on average. Keep in mind that prices vary according to the finishings and the furnishings of the apartment.

Residential towers in Juffair

Juffair is one of the best residential areas in Bahrain, and the property market in the area is quite prosperous. That is why residential towers in the area are always in competition to add better and newer lifestyle amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, sauna, steam, reception, and more. You would be hard-pressed to find a building without good facilities in the area.

Some of the best residential towers in Juffair are Fontana Infinity, Saray Tower and Ivory Tower.

Healthcare facilities in Juffair

Juffair is home to Bahrain Specialist Hospital, which is one of the most significant medical centers in the GCC. Bahrain Specialist Hospital provides healthcare services for 25 medical specialties, in addition to psychiatric, nutrition, and plastic surgery.

The area also encompasses Elite Medical Center and Serene Psychiatry Hospital.

Schools in Juffair

If you have children, you would be happy to know that Juffair hosts a number of good schools, such as Bahrain School; which is the only United States Department of Defense school in the GCC region, Modern Knowledge School, and New Generation Private School. If your kids are younger you can also find great preschools and nurseries in the area.

Hotels in Juffair

Juffair is a cosmopolitan district, it houses many expats and a multitude of tourists. Because of this, the area features some excellent hotels. It features 5-star hotels like Somerset Al Fateh Bahrain and Marriott Executive Apartments; 4-star hotels like Ramee International Hotel, Ramee Rose, and The K.

In addition to that, if you are staying longer and want something more comfortable, you can find Luxurious serviced apartments for rent in Al Juffair such as Swan Towers and Rose Wood Plaza.

If you are looking for smaller motels and inns you can also find quite a number of those in the area.

What is the average price of Apartments in AlJuffair?

Apartments Size
Average Price
301 BHD
1 Bedrooms
388 BHD
2 Bedrooms
521 BHD
3 Bedrooms
684 BHD
4 Bedrooms
1,006 BHD
933 BHD

Frequently Ask Questions

Is there an annual increase for rents in Juffair?

The new Bahraini law states that lease can only be increased after two years from the lease date or the date of the last increase. There are also caps on the lease increase percentages with a 5% increase on residential leases and 7% on other types of leases.

Is Juffair a family neighborhood?

Juffair is mostly an expat neighborhood, some of the expat community choose to live there with their families and some live alone. However, as almost all areas in Bahrain, it is very safe.

How far is Juffair from the airport?

Juffair is situated south of the city of Manama, it is a 35-minute ride from Bahrain International Airport.

Where is Juffair?

Once a separate village, Juffair is currently a district in the southwestern corner of Manama due to the expansion of the capital.

How densely populated is Juffair?

Because it is a popular area, Juffair is more populous than other areas in the Kingdom, with expats, tourists, and young Bahraini nationals making the greater part of Juffair residents.

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