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4 3 Beds Apartments for rent in Zinj

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Apartment For Rent
Stunning flat for rent

Stunning flat for rent

  Zinj, Bahrain
Ref ID: RR5447
3 Beds     4 Baths
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Apartment For Rent
Spacious apartment

A lovely three-bedroom apartment in a very attractive place

  Zinj, Bahrain
Ref ID: RR4946
3 Beds     3 Baths
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Apartment For Rent
living area

For rent, spacious apartment with city view

Ref ID: RR3676
3 Beds     4 Baths
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Apartment For Rent
living area

Spacious apartment with affordable price

Ref ID: RR3663
3 Beds     2 Baths
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Apartments for rent in Zinj

Apartments for rent in Zinj

Zinj Bahrain is located in the southern part of Manama and just a few minutes from Al-Shaikh Isa Bin Salman Highway, which leads to the King Fahd Causeway that links the Kingdom and Saudi Arabia. 

Zinj is divided into two parts, the new Zinj and the old Zinj. New Zinj consists of spacious villas for rent in zinj and sale, overlooking the waterfront and Tubli Bay. As for the old Zinj, it is an ancient area with many historical sites, such as Al-Saboor Mosque, which is considered one of the oldest mosques in Bahrain.

What attracts people to Zinj apartments for rent?

Zinj is home of several foreign embassies, including the United States of America, Philippines, Indonesia, and Russia.

The area has witnessed commercial growth, and the Galleria mall was opened in 2015. In addition to other malls such as Hayat Mall, Tala Plaza, and Hala Plaza.

Al-Ahly Sports Club is located in Zinj, it is one of the oldest and most prestigious sports clubs in the country. The club is famous for winning various regional football, basketball, and volleyball competitions. 

What sort of apartments for rent in Zinj?

You can find your dream house for rent in Zinj Bahrain. Whether you are looking for one-bedroom, two-bedroom, or three-bedroom apartments, studio apartments, or any other rental flats, searching through Weetas properties has never been easier, simply use the filtering options to obtain a list of properties suitable to your needs.

All the buildings in Zinj contain large apartments, each of them contains bedrooms, bathrooms, modern (open and closed) kitchens, elegant living rooms, and there are many facilities for the tenants, you can find a private car parking, a 24/7 security system, swimming pools, and games rooms.

Average prices for Zinj apartments for rent

The rental prices for apartments in Zinj differ according to the furnishings, facilities and amenities, where you can find a one-bedroom apartment at a rental price of 475 BD, and a two-bedroom apartment for a rental price of 280 to 650 BD, and you will find a three-bedroom apartment are available for rent at an affordable price ranging between 480 to 650 BD, and rental prices range from 300 to 350 BD for rental studios in the Zinj area.

Lifestyle in Zinj Bahrain

While it’s possible to reach all places of Bahrain quickly and easily from Zinj, there is much more to do within the area. There are many restaurants in the area, as well as supermarkets, cafes, and many hospitals. If you’re a medical professional, then our Zinj apartments are ideal for you, as it is close to the Psychiatric Hospital, Salmaniya Medical Complex, Bahrain Royal Hospital, Noor Specialist Hospital, and many other facilities.

Being close to the central hub of the city, Zinj makes a great spot for easy access of residents to their offices, hotels, shopping malls, and other amenities.

Zinj lulu bahrain

LuLu Hypermarket is located near Al Ahly Sports Club and next to the US Embassy. The new hypermarket will serve the residents of Sulaymaniyah and Zinj, as well as easy access to Tubli and Isa Town residents. At LuLu Hypermarket, you will find all the quality products you need and value for money in one place.

What is the average price of Apartments in Zinj?

Apartments Size
Average Price
267 BHD
1 Bedrooms
340 BHD
2 Bedrooms
395 BHD
3 Bedrooms
570 BHD

Frequently Ask Questions

Should I hire a real estate broker when searching for Zinj properties for rent?

A professional real estate broker will be far more familiar with all this paperwork than you are as well as being aware of all market trends. Moreover, he will be alert for a lot of issues that might not cross your mind, such as leaks issues, roofing problems, and mold and insect issues. An agent will recognize the telltale signs of these problems, know how best to approach them and he will be extremely helpful for you.

Is there an annual increase in rents in Zinj?

The Bahraini Lease Law states that the rent cannot be increased unless the tenant has been living in the property for two years. The level of increase is 5% for residential leases and 7% for all other leases. The rent cannot be increased more than 5 times during the term of the lease. The landlord must provide a minimum of 3 months’ written notice in advance if he/she is going to increase the rent price.

Can expats get residency if they rent a property in Zinj?

Even though Bahrain comprises some freehold zones, which means that foreigners can buy properties in those areas, residency is only given upon buying the property among other rules and regulations. No residency is given for renting properties in Bahrain.

What are the procedures for renting properties in Zinj?

First of all and once you decide the right property for you to rent, double-check that you’ve filled in the appropriate renting paperwork, and make sure that it all makes sense to you. It's important to keep printed copies of all paperwork in order to be safe in case anything goes wrong. Make sure you have a written tenancy agreement that you fully understand every detail of, an inventory (or check-in report); which will help in settling any disputes that you may have, a record of meter readings, so you don’t pay the bills for the previous tenant, an up-to-date contact details for your landlord or letting agent, and finally a record of your deposit.

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