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2 Buildings for rent in Arad

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Building For Rent
Building in Arad

Building of 7 flats in Arad for rent

  Arad Muharraq Governorate BH
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Building For Rent

New building in Arad for rent

  Arad Muharraq Governorate BH
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Buildings for rent in Arad

Buildings for rent in Arad

The Kingdom of Bahrain is a strikingly modern, comfortable and cosmopolitan country, it’s a favourite destination for visitors from neighbouring Saudi Arabia. On the weekends, crowds of Saudis flock to the city to enjoy its restaurants.

About Arad

Arad is a town in Bahrain located in Muharraq, in the past it was a small agricultural village, but now it has civilized and expanded into middle-class housing. 

Building for rent in Arad 

Because it is one of the fastest developing and urbanizing countries, expatriates and middle-income people come to live in it, the Bahraini government is working hard to develop it and provide all facilities and services for the expatriates and the other population in Arad town. Housing in Arad is very suitable, as it is located in Muharraq, that is, close to all services and work areas, and many expatriates and the middle-class resort to it for its simple and luxurious living as well. Due to the increase in the demand for housing in Arad, the government and investors are working to provide many housing buildings and services to meet the needs of citizens and expatriates.

Discover the reasons for renting a building in Arad

Many reasons make you think of investing your money in renting buildings in Arad, the first and most important of which is the increased demand for housing in Arad because it provides suitable prices and different services to meet all the needs of the population. Besides, Arad is located in Muharraq, which is one of the largest cities in Bahrain and has many services that serve its small cities, including Arad. Also the buildings offer diversifications of services and amenities, let’s get more information about them. 

Services and amenities in the buildings 

Buildings for rent in Arad come in different shapes and styles, and most importantly, in various budgets. This ensures that every resident will be able to find exactly what it is they are looking for in a home during their time in Bahrain.

Each building offers different amenities to serve all the requirements of the inhabitance. The amenities involved around the following:

  • Swimming pool
  • Car parking 
  • 24/7 Security system
  • Kids play area
  • Courts for different sports 
  • Cinema  
  • Sauna and Steam Bath 
  • Garden
  • Other amenities that distinguish each building to another.

The average prices of buildings for rent in Arad

The prices of the buildings in Arad are variable due to the change of services and amenities provided by each building, which is characterized by each building on the other. The average rental price for buildings in Arrad ranges from about 2000 Bahraini Dinars.

What attracts people to rent buildings in Arad?

1- Attractions in Arad 

  • Arad Fort Tours

Arad Fort is one of the most important forts in Bahrain, with a distinctive strategic location overlooking several sea lanes, and it is a classic example of the architecture of Islamic fortresses in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

  • Doha Arad Park 

Doha Park in Arad, is considered one of the most important natural reserves in Bahrain, where it is inhabited by various rare birds, different fish, wonderful and attractive plants. A magnificent place for family and friends. It is full of fun, joy and activities suitable for adults and children.

2- Healthcare Facilities in Arad 

Arad region includes many hospitals and medical centres. This includes public facilities, in addition to clinics and specialized centres. Arad is concerned with the healthy life of the population and provides them with hospitals with the highest and finest technology such as:

  • Arad Hospital 

Arad Hospital was established from a group of doctors in 1969 to meet the residents' demands and complaints about various diseases. The hospital accommodates 145 patients in specialized wards with the latest equipment.

  • Al Hilal Hospital 

Hilal Hospital is located in Muharraq near the city of Arad, it was established to provide health care to citizens of the highest quality and lowest price. The location of the hospital and the scope of healthcare services have been determined taking into consideration the needs of the community and the fact that there is no public hospital in the area.

3- Education and Schools in Arad 

  • Arad Primary Schools for boys and another for girls

Arad Primary School is one of the best public schools in Arad. It consists of two schools, Arad Boys School and Arad Girls School. The school is interested in educating children at the highest level, and qualifying them for the next stage.

4- Hotels in Arad 

Arad provides a calm and affordable life at the same time, as it has hotels and services that serve the rest of the region. Many parents want to spend an entire day with their children in an integrated place, such as hotels near them like:

  • Mövenpick Hotel

The prestigious and exquisitely designed Movenpick Hotel is located on the Doha Lagoon in Arad, 7 km from the Bahrain National Museum, the hotel offers rooms with wonderful views with abundant services such as flat screens, free Wi-Fi, minibar and tea and coffee making facilities. Some of them overlook the lake.

Frequently Ask Questions

What apartments in Arad have nice views?

H&V Residence - Diamond Bungalow Apartment, Apartament Radmila, and Unic in Arad have received great reviews from guests regarding the views from this apartment.

Is it available for ex-pats to rent building in Arad?

Yes it’s available, most of the population in Arad are ex-pats.

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