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5 Buildings for rent in Juffair

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Building For Rent
Fully Furnished Residential Building for Rent

Fully Furnished Residential Building for Rent

  Juffair, Manama, Bahrain
Ref ID: RR4604
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Building For Rent

Elegant fully furnished building for rent

  AlJuffair Capital Governorate
Ref ID: RR2862
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Building For Rent

Fully-furnished exquisite building

  AlJuffair Capital Governorate
Ref ID: RR2590
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Building For Rent
Furnished building for rent

Fancy fully furnished building in Juffair for rent

  AlJuffair Capital Governorate
Ref ID: RR2311
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Building For Rent

Nice building in Juffair for rent

  AlJuffair Capital Governorate
Ref ID: RR2289
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Buildings for rent in Juffair

Buildings for rent in Juffair

Bahrain is an ancient and beautiful country with a special sovereignty in the Arabian Gulf. It is considered the third smallest country in Asia after the Maldives and Singapore. It has an area of ​​780 square kilometres and a population of approximately 1.2 million. So that Bahrain began to expand in new cities and began to gain great popularity and become famous, however, it did not cover the fame of Juffair, As Juffair is ranked first in Bahrain for apartments and buildings for rent. While Amwaj occupies the first place in renting and selling villas.

What attracts people to rent building in Juffair

Bahrain is a small archipelago and that is why people are encouraged to rent buildings for investment, as most of Bahrain's cities have amazing sea views, which makes them more attractive. One of the reasons that make you turn to rent buildings in Juffair is that it has become a point of attraction for tourists because it contains many tourist attractions such as Ahmed Al Fateh Grand Mosque and other famous landmarks that attract tourists, and that is a reason that increases your profit opportunity if you rent a building in Juffair because it is an opportunity rent apartments will be more for foreign tourists.

A second and very important reason, half of Bahrain’s population is about 600,000 expatriates and they need apartments for rent, so this will increase the chance of your earnings if you invest your money in renting a building, especially in Juffair because it’s the most luxury and vital area in Bahrain, In addition to its location as it’s nearby the tourist attractions and malls.

What services can you find in the building in Juffair?

Buildings in Juffair provide an abundance of services and facilities. Each building has its swimming pool, and a well-equipped fitness gym, and some buildings provide cinemas, children's play area, and a barbeque area. More services distinguish each building from the other.

Average prices for buildings for rent in Juffair 

The prices of buildings vary in Juffair according to their location and from which site it approach. Do It approach a tourist site or a mall such as Juffair Mall and what services surround this building and so on, also its views, that is, it overlooks the sea or an attractive and distinctive view in the city, The price is also determined according to the services and amenities available in the building, does it provide a swimming pool, gym, security, housekeeping, the numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms and the area of apartments…

After statistics on building prices in Juffair, the average rental price for buildings in Juffair has been reached. The building costs from 10,000 to 20,000 Bahraini Dinars / Month, and it may decrease or increase according to the capabilities mentioned above.

What are the services in Juffair? 

Juffair is characterized by a high level of sophistication and luxury, as it is concerned with education, health and luxury life, such as clubs, hotels and others.

Hospitals and Healthcare in Juffair

Comprehensive health services are provided to citizens and residents of Bahrain. They can book their medical appointments online for public clinics in health centres or visit a hospital or clinic.

Bahrain Specialist Hospital (BSH)

One of the excellent medical centres in the Juffair district, a huge and luxurious building overlooking the sea, not only the building is distinguished, but the service and equipment are excellent, and the hospital is famous for its highly experienced consultants and the latest medical equipment and modern technologies. 

The working team at the hospital consists of international and local specialists, in addition to the funds invested in training courses for doctors, workshops, and foreign missions to ensure an excellent service for residents of Juffair.

Gulf Diabetes Specialist Center

It was opened in 2014 as a Jocelyn Diabetes Center, and its purpose was to serve citizens suffering from diabetes. In 2018, the centre changed its name to the Gulf Medical and Diabetes Center to expand its goal and serve the whole community, diabetics, and diseases that afflict diabetes. Its services include the management and treatment of Diabetes, Endocrinology, Ophthalmology, Neurology, Podiatry, Foot Health, Rheumatology, Gastroenterology, Hepatology, Cardiology, and General Practitioner Clinic, supported by modern radiology, laboratories, pharmacy and nutrition services.

Salmaniya Medical Complex

Salmaniya Medical Complex seeks to provide the best service within the limits of the available possibilities, as it provides opportunities for training graduates at the highest level to maintain the level of distinguished service they have.

Schools in Juffair

Bahrain Schools

The Bahrain School is part of the Ministry of Defense and Education (DoDEA) activity and is located in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Modern Knowledge School

Modern Knowledge Schools was established in 1995. During this short time, it has grown and proven itself. She has many accomplishments such as being accredited by the Middle States Schools Association (MSA), and being affiliated as an International Baccalaureate (IB) international school. As a result, students can choose the International Baccalaureate or American Diploma study program. As an American curriculum school, MKS is committed to employing experienced and certified staff from the United States and Canada to teach core subjects of mathematics, English, science, and social studies. In addition to their commitment to a strong Arabic studies curriculum that is taught by experienced Arab teachers.

Restaurants in Juffair 

Where to eat in Juffair, Bahrain?

Kabuki Restaurant

If you are in the mood for maki, sushi and sashimi, try Kabuki in Juffair. Rated as one of the best sushi places on the island, they get their fish just right. There are also bento boxes and hot appetizers if you're not in the mood for sushi. It is a great place to pamper yourself and indulge in traditional Japanese food.

Magic Wok Restaurant 

Do you like Chinese food ?? If you love Chinese food or want to try it, here are the best Chinese restaurants in Juffair. Magic Wok restaurant is famous for its dumplings to Mafu Tofu, sweet and sour fish, and fried rice with eggs.

Nando’s Restaurant 

Nando's is a comfortable place to chat and eat delicious food. It has a special design that makes you converge distinctive images to the Afro-Portuguese roots of its founders. A vegetarian section opened for nice things like black mushrooms, halloumi rolls, and roasted vegetable rolls.

Frequently Ask Questions

Is Juffair Bahrain safe?

Juffair is the part of the city inhabited by the people from the USA and living in this neighbourhood is a perfect choice because the safety level is high.

Which apartment in Juffair is good for families?

Many families visiting Juffair enjoyed staying at Swan Towers, Swiss-Belresidences Juffair, and Al Masryeen Tower.

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