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1 6 Beds Villas for rent in Jasra

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Semi furnished villa for rent

Semi furnished villa for rent

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Villas for rent in Jasra

Strategically located in the vicinity of the King Fahd Causeway, Jasra provides an amazing coastal residential area. That is why villas for rent in Jasra are very popular among the residents of Bahrain. Jasra is one of the most popular high-end residential areas in Bahrain. The area features numerous compounds and elegant residential complexes. Villas for rent in Jasra are considered some of the most elegant villas in the kingdom of Bahrain.

What attracts people to rent villas in Jasra?

Al Jasra offers a look into the traditional arts and crafts that many of the ancient villages in Bahrain have historically produced through Al Jasra Handicrafts Center. This live museum showcases pottery making, cloth weaving, woodworking, and basket weaving all created using the traditional methods.

Another landmark of Jasra is Beit Al Jasra, which is a traditional style house built in 1907 by Shaikh Hamad bin Abdullah Al-Khalifa and was later adopted as a summer home for Shaikh Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa. It is famous for being the birthplace of Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa, the Emir of Bahrain until 1999, in 1933. This traditional house was restored in 1986 using traditional building materials such as coral stones and palm leaf trunks.

Because Jasra is a seaside area, and because it used to be a village in the past, Jasra offers both magnificent sea views and beautiful greenery.

What sort of villas for rent can you find in Jasra?

As one of the most upscale property markets in the Kingdom, you can find a wide variety of villas for rent in Jasra.

You can find all sorts of villas for rent in the luxurious district, starting from cozy townhouses, to three-bedroom villas to comfortable four-bedroom villas to spacious five-bedroom villas.

Furnished villas, as well as unfurnished villas, are usually available for rent in Jasra.

And because of the competitiveness in the market, compounds in Jasra often feature a large number of amenities and facilities, such as swimming pools, fitness gyms, gardens, kids play areas and many more.

Average prices for villas for rent in Jasra

Villas for rent in Jasra are considered on the high end. Three-bedroom villas in Jasra start from 800 BHD, while four-bedroom villas start from 1000BHD. The average price of five-bedroom villas, on the other hand, is 1300 BHD. You can find larger villas with private swimming pools for rent in Jasra, but they will often cost around 1500 BHD. Keep in mind that prices vary according to the finishings and the furnishings of the Villa, as well as the compound it is located in.

Healthcare facilities in Jasra

You can find several healthcare facilities near Jasra, such as the American Mission Hospital, which was the first modern hospital in the country. In addition to that, there are a number of smaller clinics and healthcare facilities in the area, and Bahrain Royal Medical Services, which is one of the major hospitals in Bahrain, and the only hospital where free health care is provided exclusively for expats can be found nearby.

Schools in Jasra

We are more than happy to tell you that many excellent schools can be found in Jasra, such as Jasrah Primary Boys School, and Vatel Bahrain - International Hospitality School. The British School Of Bahrain is also nearby. In addition to amazing schools, you can also find international nurseries and daycare centers in Jasra.

Hotels in Jasra

Because of its proximity to King Fahd Causeway, a lot of expats choose to stay in Jasra, as a result, numerous fancy hotels can be found near Jasra, such as Lagoona Beach Resort,  Dana Homes Resort, and Wyndham Garden Manama.

What is the average price of Villas in Jasra?

Villas Size
Average Price
3 Bedrooms
838 BHD
4 Bedrooms
1,466 BHD
5 Bedrooms
1,950 BHD
6 Bedrooms
900 BHD

Frequently Ask Questions

Is there an annual increase in rents in Jasra?

The real estate rules and regulations in Bahrain state that the landlord can only increase the lease after two years from the lease date or the date of the last increase. The caps for the lease increase are limited to a 5% increase in residential leases and 7% for other types of leases.

Do you need a realtor to rent a villa in Jasra?

You should always find a trusted realtor when renting. Keep in mind that an “exclusive” package means that you have to pay all EWA bills, while “inclusive” means that they’re included in the package, most packages have a cap though. A realtor will do all the work and find the best deal for you.

How can you register a lease contract in Jasra?

Like the rest of the properties in Bahrain, all rents in Jasra should be documented and registered in the Municipal Lease Registration Office with a fee of 1BHD to 5BHD. If the landlord did not register the lease, the tenant can do that and deduct the registration fee from the rent value.

Is Jasra a family neighborhood?

Yes, Jasra is mostly a family neighborhood. Because it is mainly a high-class area with villas for rent, Jasra is considered a family district.

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