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3 Villas for rent in Zinj

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Villa For Rent
first floor

classy unfurnished villa for rent

  Zinj, Bahrain
Ref ID: RR4746
5 Beds    
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Villa For Rent
Beautiful villa

Modern three-bedroom villa for rent

  Zinj, Bahrain
Ref ID: RR4747
3 Beds     2 Baths
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Villa For Rent
spacious living room

Semi furnished villa for rent in Zinj

Ref ID: RR3691
3 Beds     3 Baths
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Zinj villas for rent

Zinj villas for rent

Manama, the capital of Bahrain, has been under the spotlight due to its many recent awards. Manama was voted the Capital of Arab Culture in 2012, and the first Capital of Arab Youth in 2015, and in 2017, it was voted the Capital of Arab Women and the Best Place for Expats to Live and Work in the Expat Insider poll. There are many fun activities and things to do in Manama.

The Bahraini capital extends over 30 square kilometers and has a population of more than 150,000. The word Manama is derived from the Arabic language and means a place of rest or dreams.

Manama has remained faithful to its name over the years. It is truly the city of dreams and captivating wonders. It is considered a major commercial center in the Arabian Gulf due to its location at the heart of some of the most important international trade routes.

Not only has Manama developed a brand for itself as a center for financial and commercial services, but it has also preserved the ability to combine the brilliance of modern life while preserving the long and rich Bahraini culture.

Zinj is a suburb of Manama, Bahrain. Al-Zinj is located in the southern part of Manama and adjacent to the Sheikh Isa bin Salman highway that ultimately leads to the King Fahd Causeway to neighboring Saudi Arabia. Zinj is included in the country's planned national light rail network.

The suburb is divided into two parts: the new Zinj and the old Zinj. New Zinj consists of spacious villas, many of which overlook the waterfront and Tubli Bay. Al-Zinj Al-Qadima is an ancient section adjacent to Bilad Al-Qadim.

What attracts people to Zinj villas for rent?

The old Zinj includes many historical places such as the Al-Saboor Mosque, one of the oldest mosques in Bahrain. It is uniquely known that the Saboor Mosque does not have a roof because all efforts to build one have failed.

Zinj is the home of many foreign embassies including those of the United States of America, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Russia, while it was also the site of the former embassy of Pakistan.

It hosts many attractions including restaurants, and coffee shops such as Club Enigma, Yum yum kids, Rice & Grill, and SmartBite Café. The Bahrain Galleria, located in Zinj, is also the first mall in the Kingdom to include a mix of food and beverage outlets, retail stores, utility services, and a hypermarket.

LuLu provides a very modern shopping atmosphere by consolidating all the conceivable needs of consumers under one roof. LuLu Hypermarkets has extensively equipped counters, sprawling parking spots, children's play areas, a dining hall, a money changer, and bank counters along with a host of international and regional brands that aptly justify its motto, "LuLu, where the world comes to shop".

What sort of villas for rent can you find in Zinj?

If you are looking for Zinj villas for rent, then you will find the best villas for rent in Zinj Bahrain, where there are many schools and educational facilities, you have finally come to the right place. Zinj includes a wide range of different properties such as apartments and villas that differ in all specifications, including size, type, location, and amenities. The villas available for rent in Zinj are suitable for small families, large families, and investors as well. It provides quiet and safe real estate as there are many closed residential complexes.

Average prices for Zinj villas for rent

You can find many suitable prices when looking for villas for rent in Zinj, as it ranges from 675 BHD up to 1,100 BHD, depending on their size, location, and the amenities available in them. 

For example, A three-bedroom villa for rent in Zinj costs an average of 670 BHD, while the average price of a five-bedroom villa for rent in Zinj starts at 1100 BHD. As mentioned before it depends on the amenities available with the villa.

What is the average price of Villas in Zinj?

Villas Size
Average Price
3 Bedrooms
675 BHD
5 Bedrooms
1,100 BHD

Frequently Ask Questions

How to find a villa in Zinj to rent?

You can find a lot of options to choose from easily by searching the Weetas website and making use of the smart search engine and filters. To limit results, use the filter to optimize listed apartments according to the number of bedrooms, location, and price range.

Is there an annual increase in rental villas in Zinj?

Yes, there is an annual increase when renting a villa in Zinj, up to 10%.

Do foreigners take residence when renting a villa in Zinj?

No, the residence only is given for those who buy a property in Bahrain.

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