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1 5 Beds Apartments for sale in Bahrain

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Living room

A five-bedroom flat for sale in Hidd

  Al Hidd Muharraq Governorate BH
90,000 BHD
Ref ID: SR3733
5 Beds     5 Baths
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Apartments for sale in Bahrain

Apartments for sale in Bahrain

Best Apartments for sale in Bahrain

Bahrain is situated in a charming Middle Eastern archipelago, and has always been an excellent destination for people interested in a rich history and culture but want to surround themselves with luxury.

In addition to bragging about the abundant natural beauty, Bahrain also boasts a large number of luxury hotels that offer guests only the best. In addition to the many apartments for sale in Bahrain that have been offered, it can be found in many areas that offer a luxurious lifestyle in this luxurious country. As you can find many apartments for sale in Juffair, apartments for sale in Seef area, and apartments for sale in Amwaj island

Famous attractions in Bahrain

The Kingdom of Bahrain is a multi-ethnic society and a popular tourist destination in the Middle East. Bahrain is famous for its magnificent mosques, burial mounds, and traditional markets. It hosts a wide range of landmarks, as well as, it has plenty of facilities everywhere, it is so popular to find plenty of international restaurants and cafes in all Bahrain’s cities. Also, it is full of shopping malls where you can find the most famous and international brands.

Bahrain has many cultural and religious attractions and monuments as it hosts plenty of mosques and forts.

Healthcare facilities in Bahrain

The Kingdom of Bahrain is known for its advanced level in the health sector due to its remarkable achievements over the years. Healthcare has received much attention, as it is one of the priorities of government development programs. The "Health for All" goal was achieved in the early 1990s, with comprehensive health services provided to citizens and residents of Bahrain.

Primary health care in Bahrain is the cornerstone; it has 23 health centers spread over four governorates in Bahrain. Free treatment is provided for all Bahrainis, while foreigners are required to pay seven dinars per visit. Citizens and residents can book their medical appointments online for public clinics in health centers.

Bahrain is home to a large number of hospitals, both public and private with an increasing number of professionals, expertise, and reputable providers in the healthcare sector.

It hosts many public hospitals such as Salmaniya Medical Complex, Bahrain Defence Force Royal Medical Services, and King Hamad University Hospital. And Private hospitals include American Mission Hospital, Ibn Al-Nafees Hospital, Bahrain Specialist Hospital, Royal Bahrain Hospital, Awali Hospital, Al Kindi Specialised Hospital, Noor Specialist Hospital, Al Hilal Hospital.

Schools in Bahrain

The oldest public education system in the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council characterizes the Kingdom of Bahrain. This distinguished education system was established in 1930 when the government started operating two government primary schools. Since then, schools in Bahrain have evolved dramatically in terms of quantity and quality.

If you are looking to register your children, here are the best schools in Bahrain, where many schools such as St. Christopher School, Abdul Rahman Kanoo International School, Bayan Bahrain School, Al Rajaa School, Choueifat International School, and Lycee Francais International School, Bahrain, and Al Noor International School host.

Hotels in Bahrain

Bahrain is one of the most visited cities in the Middle East. This is because, apart from its vast and beautiful beaches, it is a very free country compared to its neighbors. It features many luxurious hotels such as Novotel Al Dana Resort, Hamala Beach Resort, Ritz-Carlton Bahrain Hotel and Spa, Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa, Gulf Hotel Bahrain Convention & Spa, C Hotel, and Jumeirah Royal Saray Bahrain.

What sort of apartments for sale can you find in Bahrain?

Bahrain’s real estate market is one of the most active markets in the region. It has various options for apartments, as flats for sale in Bahrain differ from one place to another. Also, the market provides a wide range of cities and areas that have many flats for sale in Bahrain. You can find studios, and one-bedroom flats up to the four-bedroom flat for sale in Bahrain. You also can choose from fully furnished, semi-furnished, and unfurnished apartments.

Many Bahrain apartments for sale are available along Bahrain's area, featuring an amazing view of the charming sea or the wonderful city.

Average prices for apartments for sale in Bahrain

Selected flats and apartments for sale in Bahrain. These apartments are suitable for residential and investment purposes. You can narrow the apartments by choosing cities, maximum price, and minimum price.

There are many spots in Bahrain suitable for buying an apartment in Bahrain. Some of the highly recommended areas in Bahrain are Seef, Juffair, Amwaj Island, Reef Island, Busaiteen, and Durrat Al Bahrain.

Residential towers in Bahrain

As mentioned before, Bahrain is one of the best real estate markets in the middle east, and as a result, it hosts plenty of luxurious residential towers all over its cities. Some examples of these fancy towers are Saray tower, Jana tower, Era tower, The One tower, and the Breeze tower.

What is the average price of Apartments in Bahrain?

Apartments Size
Average Price
40,409 BHD
1 Bedrooms
57,205 BHD
2 Bedrooms
91,550 BHD
3 Bedrooms
119,844 BHD
4 Bedrooms
159,091 BHD
5 Bedrooms
90,000 BHD

Frequently Ask Questions

Where is Bahrain located?

Bahrain is an island country in the Persian Gulf. The sovereign country consists of a small archipelago centered around the island of Bahrain, located between the Qatar Peninsula and the northeastern coast of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and is linked to the King Fahd Bridge, which is 25 kilometers long.

Is Bahrain safe?

Bahrain is the 111th safest country in the world, based on the most dangerous and safest country classification. Violent crime is low and most tourists will not face any safety concerns.

What is Bahrain famous for?

Bahrain is traditionally famous for its pearls. You can find a mixed community of Indians and Filipinos around there. Also, Arabic and Indian food is available everywhere. And like other Gulf countries, it has many malls and theme parks as well.

Is it allowed for foreigners to own a property in Bahrain?

Bahrain has some freehold areas that allow foreigners to own a property in Bahrain such as Juffair, Amwaj Islands, Reef Island, Seef, and Durrat Al Bahrain.

What is the return on real estate investment in Bahrain?

Bahrain enjoys a very active real estate market that has a rapid speed of growth, and as a result, it has a very impressive return on its real estate market.

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