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3 Studio Apartments for sale in Busaiteen

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Apartment For Sale
Living room

Fully furnished studio for sale

  Busaiteen, Bahrain
32,000 BHD
Ref ID: SR7652
Studio     1 Bathroom
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Apartment For Sale
Living room

Nice studio for sale

  Busaiteen, Bahrain
35,000 BHD
Ref ID: SR7653
Studio     1 Bathroom
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Apartment For Sale

Studio bedroom Fully furnished apartment in a special location

  Busaiteen Muharraq Governorate BH
55,000 BHD
Ref ID: SR1466
Studio     1 Bathroom
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Apartments for sale in Busaiteen

Apartments for sale in Busaiteen

Best apartments for sale in Busaiteen

Busaiteen has a unique location, with both the northern and western sides overlooking the Gulf waters. This gives city residents access to one of the kingdom's longest beaches. On the other hand, it is bordered by Bahrain International Airport from the south, which also separates it from the main city of Muharraq and the airport itself to the east.

More importantly, Busaiteen is directly connected to Manama and the main island of Bahrain via Sheikh Isa Bin Salman Bridge. The bridge provides city residents with quick access to the most vital areas of Manama such as Juffair and Seef.

Busaiteen offers a wide range of facilities and services that anyone can need. It also has many apartments for sale in Busaiteen, where you can choose from wither to invest or to live in.

Investment in Busaiteen

Busaiteen offers many lucrative features for people looking for investment opportunities in Bahrain's real estate market. The city not only provides a quiet, calm style away from the bustling areas of Bahrain but also a freehold area; this means that non-Bahraini citizens and expats are allowed to own real estate in the area.

What sort of apartments for sale can you find in Busaiteen?

Busaiteen is the perfect choice for people who want a location that combines luxury and serenity in the countryside for affordable rates. If you are this type of person, be sure to monitor potential investments in that city. Here you can find a list of the best apartments for sale in Busaiteen.

Average prices for apartments for sale in Busaiteen

Busaiteen is famous for its suitable real estate prices compared to other areas in Bahrain. For example, you can find apartments for sale in Busaiteen with prices starting from 48,000 BHD for one-bedroom apartments and 71,500 BHD for two-bedroom apartments. Also, the three-bedroom apartment comes with an average selling price of 79,000 BD, while studio apartments for sale in Busaiteen 55,000 BD.

If you are more interested in large scale investments, you can buy a building in Busaiteen with prices starting from BD 350,000 for residential buildings and BD 440,000 for commercial buildings. It goes without saying that the prices are directly proportional to the area of the buildings and the number of units.

Residential towers in Busaiteen

Busaiteen does not only has a perfect location, but it also offers some luxurious residential towers for its citizens, where you can find fancy and amazing apartments for sale in Busaiteen.

Busaiteen North Tower is one of the luxurious towers. It is located in the Busaiteen area of Muharraq. The tower is close to many landmarks in Busaiteen, such as Al Muharraq Health Centre, Central Market, Public Library 1 and 2. It is also just a 15-minute walk from Al Muharraq Care Centre. In addition to the King Hamad Royal Hospital. Busaiteen North Tower is a reflection of modern life. This tower offers many luxurious amenities.

Also, it has The One tower and it is a 12-storey residential tower with 64 similar apartments.

What attracts people to apartments for sale in Busaiteen area?

Busaiteen residents can access many facilities and services, either within the city itself or its surrounding areas.

Busaiteen includes Bahrain and Busaiteen sports clubs, which are both major clubs in the Kingdom. The city also includes entertainment and leisure destinations such as Al Jazeera Cinéplex. Also, it hosts Avenue 11 which has many restaurants and cafes stacked on its sides.

It is also worth noting that a two-storey mall is currently being built in the city; the mall, known as Busaiteen Shopping Centre, has more than 100 outlets for world-class lifestyle brands, as well as ample parking space.

Last but not least, Busaiteen has many large mosques such as the Rashid Lootah Mosque and Abu Hanifa Al-Numan Mosque.

Healthcare facilities in Busaiteen

The city boasts many basic facilities including the Muharraq Health Centre and Hamad University Hospital which is near the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.

Schools in Busaiteen

Also, Busaiteen hosts educational institutions in the region include Sheikh Khalifa bin Salman Institute of Technology, in addition to multiple schools such as the French International School in Bahrain and Al Hediya Al Khalifia School, and the latter is famous for being the first school to be built not only in Bahrain but in the entire GCC region.

What is the average price of Apartments in Busaiteen?

Apartments Size
Average Price
40,667 BHD
1 Bedrooms
48,663 BHD
2 Bedrooms
70,450 BHD
3 Bedrooms
79,000 BHD

Frequently Ask Questions

Is it allowed for foreigners to own a property in Busaiteen?

Bahrain has some freehold areas that allow foreigners to own a property in Bahrain, and the Busaiteen area is one of these areas, where foreigners can buy their own property.

What is the return on real estate investment in Busaiteen?

Bahrain enjoys a very active real estate market that has a rapid speed of growth, and as a result, it has a very impressive return on its real estate market. And Busaiteen district is one of the best areas in Bahrain to invest due to its location and facilities provided.

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