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7 Lands for sale in Sitra

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Land For Sale
For sale residential land in the Fakhr Al Bahrain scheme

For sale residential land in the Fakhr Al Bahrain scheme

  Sitra, Bahrain
96,000 BHD
Ref ID: SR6396
Area (sqft): 5,522 Price (sqft): 17 BHD
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Land For Sale

Commercial land overlooking two streets near a roundabout for sale

301,542 BHD
Ref ID: SC2645
Area (sqft): 10,398 Price (sqft): 29 BHD
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Land For Sale
Lands in Sitra

Investment land now available for sale in Sitra

94,323 BHD
Ref ID: SR2133
Area (sqft): 4,101 Price (sqft): 23 BHD
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Land For Sale
Land in Sitra district

Exceptional land plot on a wide street for sale

70,077 BHD
Ref ID: SR2124
Area (sqft): 3,337 Price (sqft): 21 BHD
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Land For Sale
Land in Sitra area

Commercial land for sale in Sitra

296,956 BHD
Ref ID: SC1939
Area (sqft): 13,498 Price (sqft): 22 BHD
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Land For Sale
Land for sale in Sitra

Land for sale in Sitra suitable for development

193,590 BHD
Ref ID: SC1860
Area (sqft): 12,906 Price (sqft): 15 BHD
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Land For Sale
Land in Sitra

Land with convenient price for sale in Sitra

88,000 BHD
Ref ID: SC1853
Area (sqft): 4,268 Price (sqft): 0 BHD
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Lands for sale in Sitra

Lands for sale in Sitra

Many people try to invest their money, but they do not like to risk the money and enter into any small or large projects because of the fear of loss. Thus, they go for secured ways to invest without any risks, including investing in real estate, especially in lands.

Real estate is a great example of investment, especially in Bahrain. The real estate market in Bahrain is generally stable compared to other countries, which makes it a great opportunity to buy and invest in lands. 

The types of Lands

The land is divided into various types to limit the types of buildings that can be built. Among the most common types of land are residential lands for building residential units such as apartments and villas, commercial lands for shopping malls, offices, and public parks, and agricultural lands for farms and orchards.

Lands in Bahrain

Lands for sale in Bahrain have become the most required property type amongst investors and buyers, as the Kingdom has a large number of lands in its various cities. Thus, the government in Bahrain has had to join forces to fulfill the different requirements of buyers.

Lands for sale in Sitra

There are several lands for sale in Sitra, and considering the development that the area is witnessing, it provides excellent investments and opportunities for future projects for the owners.

What attracts people to buy lands in Sitra?

The decision to buy or rent land depends on many factors such as the price and the location. Lands for sale in Sitra are considered the ideal place to buy and invest in Bahrain, as Sitra is a lovely Island and it is one of the most vital cities in Bahrain. Sitra is located in the central governorate, to the eastern side of the country. It lies south of Manama and Nabih Saleh. The western coast of the island forms the boundary of Tubli Bay.

There are many tourist attractions in Sitra, which include monuments and museums. As for the main places to visit in Sitra, one of the main buildings worth visiting is the Sitra mall which is located by the sea and offers a great shopping experience. There is also a yacht club with great boats, the dhow harbor with fishing boats, a popular beach resort with hotels and restaurants, and fishing villages located near the island.

Education in Sitra

Sitra is the place for many school campuses such as Al Noor International School and Indian School, Bahrain. The Applied Science University is also located in Sitra.

Lifestyle in Sitra

There are 7 villages on Sitra Island, including Abu Al-Aish village, where most of Sitra service centers are located (Sitrah Public Library, Sitra Cultural and Sports Club, Sitra Hospital, Maternity Hospital, Sitra Fish Market, Sitra Police Station, Sitra Cemetery, and primary, preparatory and secondary schools).

When you live in Sitra, you will find the Sitra Club, the island's cultural and sports club. There is also a main commercial street surrounded by shops called Al Hamriyah.

Sitra has many commercial centers and the most important of them is Sitra Mall. This multi-storey mall, which is one of the best Bahrain malls for shopping in the Middle East. Opened in 2006, this mall is spread over an area of ​​46,838 square meters and has a parking area that accommodates about 850 cars at a time. Sitra complex overlooks the waterfront and is the best shopping destination with luxury brands. Sitra Mall not only provides you with a place to shop but its restaurants and cafes are also the most popular. 

Weetas Real Estate

Weetas Real Estate website makes it very easy to buy and sell lands. Find the best offer for lands in Sitra. Check out our listings of lands at different prices, categories, and levels, and in different locations in the Sitra area.

To get better results, you can define the most important specifications for your desired property. Choose the land's maximum price, minimum price, type, and area as well. This will determine your search results and make finding the right land for your needs is much easier.

Frequently Ask Questions

Is Sitra a small island?

Sitra is the fifth-largest island by both population and size with an area of 14.6 square kilometers and a population of 81,000.

Should you hire a real estate broker to buy a land in Sitra?

It’s better to hire a professional real estate broker to get you the best range of options. They can make everything easier for you as they are usually updated with the latest market feeds; Brokers can offer a suitable property that meets all your needs, starting from the location, as well as space. If you’d like to sell your property, a broker will provide you with all the needed help and consultation for further operations.

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