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9 Villas for sale in Amwaj Island

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Villa For Sale
living room

Modern semi furnished villa for sale

  Amwaj Islands, Bahrain
200,000 BHD
Ref ID: SR7803
4 Beds     5 Baths
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Villa For Sale
villa in Amwaj

Villa with a private beach

  Amwaj Islands, Bahrain
700,000 BHD
Ref ID: SR7713
4 Beds    
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Villa For Sale

Elegant semi-furnished villa for sale

  Amwaj Islands Muharraq Governorate BH
950,000 BHD
Ref ID: SR3396
5 Beds    
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Villa For Sale
Villa entrance

Large semi furnished villa near the sea

  Amwaj Islands Muharraq Governorate BH
400,000 BHD
Ref ID: SR2339
5 Beds     6 Baths
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Villa For Sale
Villa facade

Villa for sale in Diyar Al Muharraq of 4 bedrooms

  Amwaj Islands Muharraq Governorate BH
210,000 BHD
Ref ID: SR1562
4 Beds     2 Baths

Area: 325 m2
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Villa For Sale
big hall

Modern New Seven bedroom Semi Furnished Villa with sutable price

  Amwaj Islands Muharraq Governorate BH
560,000 BHD
Ref ID: SR1394
6 Beds     8 Baths

Area: 850 m2
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Villa For Sale
Living room

‎3 bedroom villa for sale in Amwaj Floating City

  Amwaj Islands, Bahrain
220,000 BHD
Ref ID: SR1168
3 Beds     3 Baths
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Villa For Sale
Private Pool

Spacious Penthouse in Burooj Residence

  Amwaj Islands Muharraq Governorate BH
300,000 BHD
Ref ID: SR985
5 Beds     5 Baths

Area: 361 m2
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Villa For Sale
Front View

Relaxing Penthouse in Burooj Residence

  Amwaj Islands Muharraq Governorate BH
270,000 BHD
Ref ID: SR893
5 Beds     5 Baths

Area: 337 m2
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Villas for sale in Amwaj Island

Villas for sale in Amwaj Island

Amwaj Island offers a well-balanced mix of residential and commercial properties and recreational developments, ensuring ample open space. The Amwaj Islands provide a wide range of modern and elegant services and amenities. In Bahrain, it offers a one-of-a-kind lifestyle and living experience.

The Amwaj Islands offer breathtaking views of the sea and the Amwaj lagoon. It was made in the presence of water, a clear blue sky, and a cool wind. An amazing island with streams and lakes that run into the sea.

Many people are looking for villas for sale in Amwaj Island, or those who want to be more unique can find a variety of different sorts of properties in Amwaj.

Investment in Amwaj Island

Amwaj is located near Bahrain International Airport, on the north shore of Muharraq Government, one of Bahrain's five governorates.

The island has a diverse range of entertainment amenities, including resorts, international branded hotels, restaurants, and other businesses, making it a popular tourist destination and a prospective investment area for many developers. There are numerous residential complexes in Amwaj that offer a diverse range of flats for rent.

What sort of villas for sale can you find on Amwaj Island?

Residents have been offered a variety of sale options, ranging from villas with 3 bedrooms up to villas with 5 bedrooms. Residential, commercial, and serviced properties and retail and marina spaces are all available on the Amwaj islands!

Amwaj now has a slew of new hotels, restaurants, and cafes, bringing with them a slew of new activities for the island's population. Amwaj is also quite popular with families, particularly because it provides a variety of activities for children as well as amenities like parks and playgrounds.

Amwaj Island villas for sale are aesthetically designed and modernly equipped and are widely acknowledged as one of the greatest neighborhoods in Bahrain. Villas for sale in Amwaj Island are spacious and luxurious, and they will give a comfortable living environment.

There are several properties for sale in Bahrain, and residents can choose from any villas for sale in Amwaj, and from some housing units that suit their needs.

Average prices for villas for sale in Amwaj Island

Why stay in an expensive hotel when you can buy or invest villa for sale in Amwaj and be treated like a local? There are numerous professional listing websites in Bahrain that provide a diverse selection of villas for sale on the island of Amwaj.

The average prices for Amwaj Island villas for sale are very reasonable and affordable, you can have a three-bedroom villa for sale in Amwaj Island for 220000 BD, or a four-bedroom villa for 210000 BD, while a five-bedroom villa for sale in Amwaj is for 506000 BD. but if you are looking for spacious areas, or need more space then a six-bedroom villa in Amwaj will suit you with an average sale price of 560000 BD.

What attracts people to villas for sale in Amwaj Island?

Amwaj is a luxury lifestyle community. Everywhere on the islands, there is a vast choice of amenities and facilities. Each island has all of the amenities that somebody may require. Throughout the island, you'll discover a variety of retail outlets, healthcare institutions, and other essential services and locations. Amwaj is also a great destination for tourists, with hotels, resorts, restaurants, cafes, and spas.

There's also Amwaj Marina, which offers wonderful yacht and boat cruises along the coastline. As a result, it is regarded as one of Bahrain's best neighborhoods, and as a result, there are many villas for sale in Bahrain Amwaj.

In the Amwaj Islands, you will never be bored! It has groomed roads, beaches, and gardens around the islands to provide you with a clean and soothing atmosphere in which to rest. You can also spend a day doing water sports or relaxing at the beach.

The Amwaj Islands are home to some of Bahrain's most opulent hotels and resorts, where you may enjoy water sports, have fun, and rest if you so desire. Dragon Hotel and Resort, Gulf Residence Amwaj, Ramada Hotel & Suites Amwaj Islands, The Art Rotana Hotel, and The Sea Loft are the most popular hotels in Amwaj.

What is the average price of Villas in Amwaj Island?

Villas Size
Average Price
3 Bedrooms
220,000 BHD
4 Bedrooms
205,000 BHD
5 Bedrooms
506,667 BHD
6 Bedrooms
560,000 BHD

Frequently Ask Questions

What is the return on real estate investment in Amwaj Island?

Bahrain has a very active real estate market with a quick rate of expansion, and as a result, the return on its real estate market is very impressive. And, because of its location and amenities, Amwaj Island is one of the best regions in Bahrain to invest in.

Is it allowed for foreigners to own property in Amwaj Island?

Bahrain offers several freehold regions where foreigners can own property, and one of these regions is the Amwaj Island area, where foreigners can buy their own homes.

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