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1 2 Beds Villas for sale in Bahrain

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Villa For Sale
A luxurious villa for sale

A luxurious villa for sale

  Amwaj Islands, Bahrain
150,000 BHD
Ref ID: SR8281
2 Beds    
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Villas for sale in Bahrain

Villas for sale in Bahrain

Real estate market in Bahrain: Villas for sale in Bahrain

The real estate market in Bahrain has experienced a lot of changes over the past years. Also, the most popular locations in Bahrain continue to be consistent, as Juffair and Saar are still holding the top spots in the country when it comes to both residential sales and rental properties. There are many properties available for sale, for example, plenty of villas for sale in Bahrain are available.

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investing in villas for sale in Bahrain

The real estate market in Bahrain differs from other markets in many factors and causes. This came to the forefront and on top of all global markets in general and Arab in particular, as foreign and local investors began to deal with and expand their investment portfolios in the real estate market in Bahrain increasingly.

The real estate market in Bahrain has shown strong resilience in investment transactions, and still maintains stable returns for investors. This is in addition to the facilities provided by the Bahrain government to increase the activity of the real estate market in the Kingdom. This has attracted many investors to increase their profits by investing in the real estate market in Bahrain. specifically in Bahrain house for sale.

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Details and types of Bahrain houses for sale

Villas for sale in Saar, villas for sale in Amwaj Islands, and villas for sale in Hamala came to the forefront in the search for houses for sale in Bahrain at the highest price in all regions, where both villas are located in complexes and self-contained homes. The market has seen an increase in the number of affordable villas for sale, in areas like Budaiya.

Hamala, Saar, and Amwaj Island are just some of the areas where many houses in Bahrain can be found. On the other hand, Tubli and Bu Quwah offer villas for sale in Bahrain that is more budget-friendly and more affordable for investors looking for more affordable rates. Also, the prices of houses for sale in Bahrain have decreased in all governorates and are increasing in a few cities.

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Average prices for villas for sale in Bahrain

If you are looking to buy a villa in Bahrain, then you need to know more about the average prices of a villa for sale in Bahrain. For example, villas for sale in Bahrain with 3 bedrooms are available with an average sale price of 181,000 BD, while a villa for sale in Bahrain with 4 bedrooms with an average price of 316,000 BD. If you are looking for a bigger property so a villa in Bahrain with 5 bedrooms comes with a sale price of 291,400 BD and a villa with 6 bedrooms with 345,000 BD.

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Advantages of investing in villas for sale in Bahrain

The Kingdom of Bahrain is a multi-ethnic society and a popular tourist destination in the Middle East. Bahrain is famous for its magnificent mosques, burial mounds, and traditional souqs. It hosts a wide range of attractions, as it has lots of facilities everywhere, and is very popular for finding lots of international restaurants and cafes in all cities of Bahrain. It is also full of malls where you can find the most famous and international brands.

In Bahrain, there are many cultural and religious monuments, where you can find many mosques and forts.

Healthcare facilities in Bahrain

The Kingdom of Bahrain is known for its advanced level in the health sector due to its remarkable achievements over the years. Healthcare has received a lot of attention, as it is one of the priorities of government development programs. The "Health for All" goal was achieved in the early 1990s, by providing comprehensive health services to citizens and residents of Bahrain.

Bahrain is home to a large number of hospitals, both public and private with an increasing number of professionals, expertise, and reputable providers in the healthcare sector.

It hosts many public hospitals such as Salmaniya Medical Complex, Bahrain Defense Forces for Royal Medical Services, and the Hamad University Hospital. Private hospitals such as the American Mission Hospital, Ibn Al Nafees Hospital, Bahrain Specialist Hospital, Bahrain Royal Hospital, Awali Hospital, Al-Kindi Specialized Hospital, Noor Specialist Hospital, and Crescent Hospital.

Schools in Bahrain

The oldest public education system in the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council characterizes the Kingdom of Bahrain. This distinguished educational system was established in 1930 when the government started operating two government primary schools. Since then, schools in Bahrain have evolved dramatically in terms of quantity and quality.

If you are looking to register your children, here are the best schools in Bahrain, where there are many schools such as St. Christopher School, Abdul Rahman Kanoo International School, Bayan Bahrain School, Al Rajaa School, Choueifat International School, Lycee Francais International School Bahrain, and Al Noor International School.

Hotels in Bahrain

Bahrain is one of the most visited cities in the Middle East. This is because, apart from its vast and beautiful beaches, it is a very free country compared to its neighbors. It includes many luxury hotels such as the Novotel Al Dana Resort, Hamala Beach Resort, The Ritz-Carlton Bahrain Hotel & Spa, Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea Spa, Gulf Bahrain Hotel Spa, C hotel, and Jumeirah Royal Saray Bahrain.

What is the average price of Villas in Bahrain?

Villas Size
Average Price
2 Bedrooms
150,000 BHD
3 Bedrooms
181,000 BHD
4 Bedrooms
316,050 BHD
5 Bedrooms
291,500 BHD
6 Bedrooms
345,000 BHD

Frequently Ask Questions

What is Bahrain famous for?

Bahrain is traditionally famous for its pearls. You can find a mixed community of Indians and Filipinos around there. Also, Arabic and Indian food is available everywhere. And like other Gulf countries, it has many malls and theme parks as well.

Can a foreigner buy a house in Bahrain?

Bahrain has some freehold areas that allows foreigners to own a property and buy a villa in Bahrain such as Juffair, Amwaj Islands, Reef Island, Seef and Durrat Al Bahrain.

What is the return on real estate investment in Bahrain?

Bahrain enjoys a very active real estate market that has a rapid speed of growth, and as a result it has a very impressive return on its real estate market.

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