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2 4 Beds Villas for sale in Janabiyah

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Villa For Sale
living room

Luxury Villa in Janabiya with 4 bedrooms

  Janabiyah, Bahrain
270,000 BHD
Ref ID: SR76
4 Beds     4 Baths
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Villa For Sale

Four Bedroom Villa Semi Furnished in Janabiya

  Janabiyah, Bahrain
1,200 BHD
Ref ID: SR36
4 Beds     3 Baths
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Villas for sale in Janabiyah

Villas for sale in Janabiyah

Al Janabiyah is a village located in the northwest of Bahrain near the Gulf of Bahrain. It lies to the south of Bani Jamra and west the village of Saar. It belongs to the administrative region of the northern province of the country. The village is mainly famous for building luxury villas, so the number of villas for sale increases in Janeba due to the real estate development in Bahrain, the improvement in the standard of living, and the laws that have changed and allowed foreigners to own real estate in some areas in Bahrain.

Investment in Janabiyah 

Investing in Janabiyah is a guaranteed thing because it enjoys an attractive location, so that investors started to invest in it, especially in villas, the demand for villas is increasing in the side, which means an increase in the return to investors, as the more demand increases, the return to investors increases, so why are residents and investors attracted to Janabiyah? Janabiyah is a distinguished city and provides many services that encourage residents to look at it, as it provides schools, hospitals and entertainment places.

What attracts people to buy villas in Janabiyah 

Al Janabiyah is famous for camel raising, which is the oldest trade in Bahrain's culture, in addition to that, the side contains civilized tourist resorts and many fitness halls, as well as schools for children and adults, so Al Janabiyah is an integrated city because it includes the entertainment life and the necessary life.

As for the villas for sale in Al Janabiyah, it attracts people because of its services and capabilities, as it provides private car parking, a private swimming pool, and other services that each villa provides from the other.

The main reason that attracts people, especially investors, to buy villas in Janabiyah, is investment. It is well known that Bahrain is a rich country, and most of them are villas, and Bahrainis are usually attracted to buying villas, especially if it is an upscale area like Janabiyah. Bahrain is an archipelago that contains 30 other islands, so most of Bahrain's cities overlook the sea or an attractive view in general, and this increases the chance of profit in investing in villas for sale in Janabiyah.

What sort of villas for sale can you find in Janabiyah?

Nowadays, the forms of villas have varied In all over the world, there are one-storey villas in a huge real estate building, and villas are like a small, isolated mansion and another type consisting of several floors, each floor has a separate apartment, as for the interior and exterior designs, they differ According to the culture and the general taste of the people.

 As for the space or the area of the villas in Janabiyah, the area of ​​the villas is usually large, consisting of three or four spacious rooms, and a large hall, and in some there is a roof in addition to the private garden.

Average prices for villas for sale in Janabiyah 

The price of the villas varies according to the area, the available capabilities, the available services, and the view that the villa looks like. All these factors affect the price, but in general the average price of villas for sale in Janabiyah is 270,000 Bahraini dinars.

Things you can do in Janabiyah 

Janabiyah has a lot of attractive places that can be visited for a picnic with family and friends, such as Bab Al Bahrain, Al Seef Mall, Dana Mall, Wahoo Park, Al Fateh Grand Mosque and Camel Farm, all of these areas are located near Janabiyah, which help you to enjoy different and varied entertainment.

Healthcare facilities in Janabiyah 

Bahrain is famous for its advanced level of health, and this was noticed due to the achievements that have been made over the years. Health is one of the most important priorities. Therefore, It got a keen interest, especially after the spotlight was given to it in the government development program, and the health for all issue was achieved at the beginning of the nineties.

As we mentioned Janabiyah, an integrated city that provides health care within its services, you will find clinics and medical centres in it and the neighbouring cities.

Schools in Janabiyah 

Education in Janabiyah is one of the basic services provided by Janabiyah, as it contains schools and nurseries for children, so there is no need for research and concern because it provides the best curricula and the teachers are specialized and trained at the highest level. Among the most famous schools specialized in it are Quality Pre School and Kinder World.

Hotels in Janabiyah 

If you are looking for a quiet place to escape, then Janabiyah is the best choice for you. If you are looking for a place to spend the night or even a week, the hotels in Janabiyah are different and ready to meet all your needs. The diversity of hotels in Janabiyah makes it suitable for all visitors' requirements and suitable for all groups.

What is the average price of Villas in Janabiyah?

Villas Size
Average Price
3 Bedrooms
270,000 BHD
4 Bedrooms
135,600 BHD
6 Bedrooms
400,000 BHD

Frequently Ask Questions

What’s the average price of villas for sale in Janabiyah?

The average price of villas for sale in Janabiyah is 270,000, noting that prices change depending on the available services, the villa’s area and its view.

What is there to do near Al Janabiyah?

Royal Camel Farm
Seef Mall
Adhari Park
Dana Mall
Wahooo! Waterpark

What is the closest airport to Al Janabiyah?

Manama (BAH-Bahrain Intl.), 11.9 mi (19.2 km) from central Al Janabiyah

Where to stay in Al Janabiyah?

Lagoona Beach Luxury Resort and Spa
Nordic Homes

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