ِArbitration Center secures real estate contracts in Bahrain

Bahrain Ahmed Nejm

Ahmed Negm, the secretary general of the GCC Commercial Arbitration Center, stated that there are some risks facing real estate market investors in Bahrain.

According to Negm, these risks could be in submitting the sold units or the contract in spite of completing all due payments.
Negm urged all real estate investors in general to guarantee all their approved rights by acquiring their sold unit contract in order to evade any unexpected dangers.

Its worth mentioning that all real estate companies contracts in the kingdom of Bahrain include the arbitration provision, which gives the investors or buyers the right to arbitrate according to the rules and regulation of the GCC Commercial Arbitration Center.

This provision is considered a guarantee for any buyer as it secures retrievals and financial compensations in case of any dangers.

The arbitration provision has become a permanent term in most of real estate contracts in Gulf states, the commercial arbitration center has successfully possessed a lot of confidence from many real estate companies due to its significant role in guaranteeing the selling and purchasing procedures.