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‎ Saudi starts applying heat isolation for 47 thousand commercial and ‎residential building

Saudi Arabia - November 19, 2015

An administrator in Saudi Electricity Company stated that they start applying heat isolation system for 47 thousand commercial and residential building among the entire kingdom, from a total of 130 thousand submitted licenses.

The total visits by the company’s reached 190 thousand visit among all regions of the Kingdom in order to ensure the application of the owners of buildings for heat insolation.

He added that Riyadh is considered the most city committed to applying the heat isolation system , as the number of licence application reached 18 thousand and the amount of company visits reached 40.500 round weekly, then comes Jedda, Dammam , Ehsaa’

Fahd Al Husseni (Chief Executive Adviser for Heat insolation) in the company cleared that the commercial buildings gives more attention to apply the heat isolation system than the residential ones, because they give the engineering offices the charge of the construction and application, and the offices have Self-supervision and the difference between them in the application does not exceed 1 %.

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