‎7% profit decline in 9 companies during 2015‎


During the 9fisrt month of 2015, 9 real estate companies declined in profit by 6.73% with amount of 8.181 billion dirhams compared to 8.772 billion dirhams in the same period last year.

The most three dropping companies were:

Arabtec took the first place to fell by 1943 billion dirhams with percentage of 728.9%, Eldar company came second to fell by 158.2 million dirhams with percentage of 81.03%, Ras El Kaima Company came third it declined by 27.49  million dirhams with percentage of  63.05%.

The reflect of this decline came on the price of these companies in the real estate stock to reach 12.06% by the beginning of this year. Arabtec took the top of the list as the most declined company with percentage of 57.71% and by the end of the week it closed at 1.18dirhams.