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1.5 Billion dirhams the value of real estate transactions in Dubai

UAE - December 16, 2015

The real estate transactions achieved around 1.5 billion dirhams in “Dubai Land Department” yesterday. It recorded 161 deal with total value of 1billion and 420 Million dirhams (1.420.000), 106 deal were for lands with the value of (1.350.000) 1billion and 350 million dirhams, in addition to 55 deal for apartments and villas with value of 70 million Dirhams.

The most important deals happened in Kalifa tower district as it valued 644 million Drihams, then came “Nad Al Sheba 1” area second with total value of 100 million dirhams.

The most important apartments and villas deals came in “Gulf Commercial” districts as it recorded deals with total value of 4 million dirhams.

Most number of deals happened in “Sih Shuaib 1” area with 21 deals and a value of 28 Million Dirhams.

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