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10 auctions to develop the Kingdom’s coasts by the end of 2016

Bahrain - July 11, 2016
Bahrain coast

The Minister of Tourism and Commerce ‘Zayed Al Zayani’ has mentioned on the sidelines of launching ‘Snow in Summer’ ceremony that 10 auctions are expected to be held for developing Bahrain’s coasts. The auctions are organized for sake of stirring up exterior tourism in addition to attracting citizens and residents.

The scheme stands on three main axes. The first one is earmarking a number of beaches for men and women swimming, the first axis is establishing waterfronts promenades and centres, and the third axis is qualifying the beaches to be touristic traction points.

Concerning the sea taxi, the minister said that the ministry is currently working with the coastguards to get the needed permissions for the boats. The coastguard department entitles the existence of many safety standards and conditions in order to grant the maritime license.

The government showed its interest in setting up sea taxi lines to link between islands and touristic sites in the kingdom. The project will be embraced by the private sector which will ensure the success of the investment in sea boats and will encourage the business sector to adopt it.

The development sites include 10 locations scattered across the kingdom including Al Jazaer beach, Amwaj islands, and many other locations.

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