Bahrain offers investment opportunities for Saudi investors in 6 sectors


The Bahraini side, in the Bahraini-Saudi Joint Business Council, offered investment opportunities for Saudi investors representing the Council of Saudi Chambers.

The investment opportunities included 6 sectors: the real estate sector, fish farming, maritime transport, tourism and hospitality, the industrial sector, and the health sector.

The head of the Saudi side, the Joint Business Council, Abd al-Rahman al-Atayshan, revealed that during the year 2018, the Bahraini-Saudi trade exchange increased by 18% to exceed 337 million dinars (33.7 billion Saudi riyals), compared to 276 million dinars in 2017 (27.6 billion Saudi riyals) .

“The Bahraini exports to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia cover 18.1%, amounting to 60 million Bahraini dinars (6 billion Saudi riyals), and the Kingdom of Bahrain comes second among the countries of the Cooperation Council in the volume of trade exchange with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the partner 12 among the countries of the world.

Members of the Bahraini side of the Bahraini-Saudi Business Council held their meeting yesterday, Sunday, headed by the Chairman of the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Samir Nass, a joint hotel in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, with the participation of about 100 Bahraini and Saudi businessmen and women.

The President of the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Samir Nass, expressed his pride in the depth and strength of the brotherly, historical and long-standing relations between Bahrain and its older sister Saudi Arabia, thanks to the kind guidance and good vision of the leaders of the two sister kingdoms.

Nass emphasized that the Bahraini-Saudi Joint Business Council has a great impact in determining the approach of joint economic work between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, as it opens horizons for economic dialogue, supports the concept of economic and commercial integration between the two kingdoms, and enhances the historical relations between them.

Nass pointed to the distinguished and exceptional status of Saudi Arabia and its historical relationship with Bahrain at all levels, expressing his confidence in achieving economic integration that raises the level of available capabilities and is consistent with our ambitions, and pushes us to rank our priorities with the Saudi brothers.

He pointed out «the importance of developing trade relations between the two countries and preparing the appropriate floor to support investment between the two sides, removing the various difficulties and obstacles facing businessmen from both countries, and promoting partnership relations to the desired levels, as well as opening new channels for direct communication between the private sector in the two countries.