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33 plots of land up for grabs in Oman for tourism projects

Oman - December 4, 2016

Oman is offering investors 33 plots of land for tourism projects including resorts, hotels, and restaurants.

The Housing Ministry of Oman has signed five contracts with investors that will expand the Sultanate’s tourism sector.

It will also help diversify the nation’s GDP and steer it away from an oil-dominated economy.

These five contracts vary from beach services that include a restaurant and cafe to a restaurants complex.

As well as a hotel and a tourist resort in Northeastern Bawshar.

It also features a hotel and shopping mall in the port of Seeb.

One more hotel will open in Northeastern Alamerat.

Furthermore, the projects include an apartment hotel in the Southern port of Salalah.

Other projects are spread out across the Northern Rustaq governorate, Nizwa City in the North, and Alhamra province in the Northeast.

Also in the Southern port of Sur, Ashkara City in the East, the Southeastern town of Suwaih and the Northern Buraimi governorate.

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