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75% of Asghar project units sold

UAE - December 22, 2015

Al Barari Company assigned to undertake the green projects in Dubai announced that 75% of the upscale units in Ashgar project are sold. The company added that only 24 units are remaining out of 203.

The construction works launched in May 2015 and about 36% of the project has been already finished. The first phase of the project will be delivered in December 2017.

The project includes 13 low-rise buildings that include nice and capacious apartments ranging from one-bedroom to two and three-bedroom apartments meet all needs.

Martin Crock, the executive manager of assets management at Al Barari, said that the company targets different slices of the market by displaying luxury and average units.

Crock expressed his happiness with the amount of interest and admiration which met the project.

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