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Abu Dhabi: A new increase in the building materials prices

UAE - August 29, 2018

The price of building materials in Abu Dhabi rose again in July compared to the previous year. Diesel and electric wires led the rise, as they recorded the biggest jump in construction materials.

According to the SCAD and WAM, the report presents an analysis of movements in the prices of the 21 main groups of building materials and is of special significance for planning, decision support, and policy-making in the construction activity and related sectors.

As indicated by the report, the average prices of “construction workers” rose by 1.8%, concrete by 1.6%, and “aggregate and sand” by 0.3% last month compared to June of this year. However, price declines during the same period of comparison of power cables were recorded by 4.8%, diesel by 1.8%, and “tiles and marble” by 1.7%.

The annual comparison of the price of building materials for July showed increases in diesel prices (up 44.6%), wire for apartments (up 23.9%), and wires for small buildings (up 16.2%).

Meanwhile, the average prices of ‘the ‘tiles and marble’ group decreased by 0.7% and concrete by 0.5, it added.

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