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Agreement reached to end Bin Ladin salaries problem

Saudi Arabia - February 28, 2016
Bin Ladin Group

The Saudi Bin Ladin Group has reportedly reached an agreement to end the salary delays problem that has been lingering for months.

The problem was solved after representatives from Bin Ladin Group, the Saudi Labour Ministry, and the police in Makkah have met.

2,000 workers, management staff, and engineers have been unpaid for four months, according to press reports.

About 1,000 of the unpaid workers protested outside the company headquarters last week asking for their delayed payments.

The representative of the Labour Ministry is currently following up with the protesting workers in order to end the crisis.

The ministry reached a trilateral agreement with the company that entitles it to allow workers to stay home until salaries are paid, allow anyone who wants to leave the company to seek the settlement of dues, and allow workers to request sponsorship transfers.

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