Al Homor: 14% of the 25 thousand units plan completed

Bahrain Bassem Al Homor

Bahrain Housing Minister Bassem Al Homor revealed completing 14.2% of the housing units included in the government scheme for the period between 2015 and 2018 which includes establishing 25 thousand units.

The ministry announced its commitment to establishing all the residential units on time according to the set time schedule. The scheme includes establishing 24,983 units in four different governorates over the coming four years.

Around the demanded units the minister said that the completed units will cover the filed housing demands until 2013 in the Southern Governorate, 2001 in the Capital Governorate, 2005 in the Northern Governorate, and 2007 in Al Muharraq.

The minister pointed out in his response to PM Hassan Al Bakry’s question that the units could be distributed before completion saying that it happened before in 2012.

He added that completion rate reached 14.2% after one year of passing the government work scheme. He mentioned also that this year’s balance is sufficient to cover the construction projects of 2015/2016 hoping next year’s balance to cover the projects of 2017/2018.

It’s worth mentioning that the government distributed 784 residential units scattered over 7 projects from 6166 units incorporated in the government’s plans until the end of February.