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“Al Namal Holding” inaugurates MEM private hospital in Bahrain

Bahrain - July 14, 2016

Al Namal Holding will inaugurate today the largest private hospital in Bahrain, Middle East Medical Center (MEM), in Manama at a value of BHD 6.5 million ($17.22 million). MEM is the Kingdom’s largest medical institute in the private health sector with a capacity of 85 beds. It will include diverse specialized clinics and an array of facilities.

Al Namal Holding stated that the hospital will provide both the basic and specific needs of its patients within a professional, medical shell. According to Dr. Bahaa Feteiha, CEO of MEM, Al Namal Holding has had a presence in the medical field before, as the hospital is its third investment in the health sector. He added that although MEM has the largest bed capacity in Bahrain, what truly sets it apart is the advanced world-class specialization clinics that include care for infants and the elderly.

To best serve Bahrainis and GCC locals, MEM has hired 60 doctors and specialists with a rich record of experience, as well as a qualified team of nurses, technicians, and administrators. Bahrainis represent 60% of doctors and 80% of administrators.
Al Namal Holding will continue to expand within the health sector by opening several private hospitals throughout the Kingdom of Bahrain, including a medical center in Al Mashreq.

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