Al Namlaity : Bahrain needs more attention to tourism promotion

Bahrain Al Namlaity

The Bahraini businessman Mahmoud Al Namlaity has referred to the importance of focusing on the old Souq of Manama due to its cultural, social, and civilizational significance same as Al Mubarakiya market in Kuwait and Waqef in Qatar.

Al Namlaity added that Bahrain enjoys numerous touristic factors which qualify it to be tourism attraction points like the historic castles, ancient temples and tombs, in addition to shopping malls and traditional souqs where many tourists visit to view the Bahraini culture and its main features.

He stressed on the importance of setting up a comprehensive marketing strategy to promote tourism in Bahrain and bolster its touristic rank and its status as center of coexistence and cohesion between different cultures.

He stressed also on the importance of tourism to the national economy, its role in doubling tourism sector contribution to the national income and creating more jobs for Bahrain youth.