Amendment to Kuwait rents bill: not to evict tenants during the crisis

Kuwait إيجارات الكويت

According to the proposed amendment to Kuwait Rents Law, there will be no eviction for the tenants of the residential and investment sectors in the case of a delay in the payment of rents during the period of the Corona crisis, which will be determined by 3 months.


In addition to the proposed second amendment, which is an advantage for tenants in these two sectors, which provides for the payment of rents in case some tenants are late, in installments commensurate with the tenant’s income.


These two amendments constitute an appropriate legal means to handle the crisis sufferings by tenants of the residential and commercial sectors after businesses were forced to suspend their activities during the coronavirus crisis.

But this does not mean that the tenant does not pay the rent, so the tenants must pay the rent where possible. Where the tenant who did not pay the rent can face eviction once the emergency ends.


As for the rents of the buildings of the residential and the investment sector, the relevant authorities decided not to exempt or reduce the rents, and the 50% reduction in rents will be only for the rents of the industrial and commercial sectors, such as shops and offices because they are affected by the decision to close after the total curfew is prohibited or the continuation of suspending operations during the partial curfew that Issued by Kuwait.