Bahrain Bay open a waterfront promenade

Bahrain Bahrain Bay Promenade

The $2.5 billion real estate development sprawling over the north coastline of Manama “Bahrain Bay” has announced opening a waterfront walkway. The new project is inspired in its concept and structure by other models located in Sydney and Vancouver.

The opening comes in parallel with Bahrain Food Festival which will last for 10 days and will be held at Bahrain Bay.

The festival is organized by Bahrain Tourism Exhibitions Authority (BTEA) and it’s meant to showcase the multicultural cuisine in Bahrain.

Around 54 restaurants will take part in the exhibition stretching their booths along the promenade which has a semi-circle shape. Well-known food brands are poised to participate like Wafflemeister, Naseef Craves, and Bites Corner Café.