Bahrain to establish a new recreational area

Bahrain Al Miharraq

His Royal Highness the Prime Minister of Bahrain Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa has paid a visit to the area between Skaikh Isa and Shaikh Hamad causeways which is allocated for building a recreational facility for citizens.

His Royal Highness assigned the Ministerial Committee for Urbanisation and Infrastructure to study the project’s designs and set a time frame for implementation.

During his visit, HRH inspected a number of development projects in the area. He said that the government’s premier goal is to improve citizens’ living standards and enhance the quality of services offered to them.

During his visit, the Prime Minister was briefed by the Deputy Premier and the Head of the Ministerial Committee for Urbanisation and Infrastructure “Sheikh Khaled bin Abdallah Al Khalifa” on the government’s plans for revamping the area and implementing the premier’s instructions.

The Prime Minister directed the officials to transform the area into a recreational area for residents where they can rest and practise their hobbies.