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Bahrain five-star hotels occupancy rate reach 57.7% in 2015

Bahrain - May 31, 2015
Bahrain five-star hotels

Hotstatus Foundation specialized in hospitality around the world clarified in a recent statistic five-star hotel occupancy rate in Kingdom of Bahrain during 2015.

Bahrain five-star hotels occupancy rate reached 57.7% from January to April 2015 compared to 56% during the same period of the last year. It’s worth mentioning that Bahrain contains 2314 rooms offering 17949 beds.

Many experts considered that current occupancy rate is suitable in relevance with the proportions of hospitality market in Bahrain which includes 111 hotels including 14 five-star hotels and 44 4-star hotels.

Cumulative revenues of hospitality sectors during the first 4 months reached 182 dollars per night compared with 174 dollars for the same period of the last year. Hotstatus Foundation mentioned that demand hike on food and beverages has contributed in upping Bahrain hotels revenues by 3.2%.


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