Bahrain Marina Project completion by 2020

Bahrain Bahrain Marina

Amlak Company announced the start of “Bahrain Marina” project which is a development project of the Marina Club. The project will extend along the coastline covering the existing area of the current Marina Club.

As for the status of the club tenants, director of project management company, Walid al-Janahi said that the company will close the Marina Club at the end of April and the filtering process will take place between May and until August.

It is noteworthy that the development of Bahrain Marina project will take four years to be completed by 2020. The project consists of a five-star hotel, freehold apartments, villas with stunning sea view and many shopping centers.

Currently many meetings are being held with the Ministry of Works in order to overcome any difficulties in the streets surrounding the project and avoid the accumulation of cars in these streets.

The company is also studying the soil of the project and fungal life in the area, to ensure that there are no problems with the infrastructure of the project.

Amlak Company plans to make this project the most important high-end entertainment destinations in Bahrain through providing entertainment services, residential and tempting marine facilities.