Bahrain’s Real Estate Market Benefits from Governmental Plans


According to Al Mazaya Holding’s real estate report, Bahrain’s real estate market benefits from the governmental plans which work on the sector’s development, even if the market happens to be currently somehow inactive, reports Al Watan newspaper website.

The report stated that the period of stagnation could also be useful by buying residential units with good prices, the thing that will become a real estate investment when the stagnation period is over.

As a result of the drop in the rental and buying prices, not just in Bahrain but in the GCC in general, the real estate market currently has no big investment value. Instead, its value is in using it as residential units.

The decline in the real estate market has reached 10% in 2017, while the market recorded a 1.5% drop in Q1 2018 for the residential sector and a 1.3% drop for the retail sector.