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Bahrain real estate market capable of attracting more regional investments

Bahrain - February 22, 2015
Bahrain real estate market

The honor president of Bahrain Real Estate Organization, Abdurrahman Bin Ali, demanded drafting new specific laws for organizing real estate brokerage profession in order to protect buyers, sellers, and brokers rights.

Sheikh Abdurrahman Bin Ali added during his visit to the organization’s chairman and board members that brokerage law should be replaced with another one more contemporary and consistent with the current era. He implied the importance of promoting Bahrain real estate market in regional and international occasions.

He said also that Bahrain market has a lot of significant capabilities like modern set of laws and banking capabilities which enable it to attract more Khaliji investments.

The organization chairman displayed the organization’s recent successes and accomplishments, he said that the organization will declare next month the most important features of its plan for developing the real estate market in Bahrain.


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