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Bahraini banks acquire a real estate portfolio in Atlanta

Bahrain - March 16, 2016

A consortium of Bahrain-based banks including Venture Capital Bank (VC Bank) and Seera Bank has acquired a real estate portfolio of two multifamily residential assets in Atlanta that contain 866 housing units.

The projects are Bridgewater and Preston Creek, they are located in excellent locations around Atlanta boasting a wide range of amenities and large green spaces.

Bridgewater development stands on a total area of 260,000 square meters, it is a gated community that includes 532 residential units besides 36 buildings.

Preston Creek is of 206,000 square meters, it’s gated too and has 334 residential units in addition to 19 buildings.

The consortium justified choosing Atlanta for investment by claiming that it has robust economic factors and high investment yields.

It’s worth mentioning that Atlanta attracts global investors due to its large population and high job growth rate.

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