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Bahraini deputy prime minister praises the engineers organization efforts

Bahrain - March 19, 2015
Bahrain engineers

The Bahraini deputy prime minister, Khaled Bin Abdullah Al-Khlaifa, has praised the great role undertaken by the Bahraini Engineers Organization to elevate the profession and develop the engineers’ skills and abilities.

The praise came during the meeting between Skheikh Khaled and the organization manager Mas’oud Al Haramy who introduced a number of the board members.

Skheikh Khaled declared his happiness with the efforts taken by the organization to improve the urban resurrection in the kingdom of Bahrain, he also praised the organization role in empowering women.

The organization chief and board members delivered the honor membership to Skheikh Khaled. The deputy prime minister approved sponsoring the coming real estate exhibition held by the organization next November.

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